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What The Signs Of The Zodiac Say And What They Think About

Today, our Magic Ball turned on telepathic abilities, and now you will find out what the zodiac signs think (no, not at all what they say!).


No problem, I’ll deal with it.

Also Capricorn: Dear God! Please heal these unfortunates from the sins of gouging, procrastination, and missed deadlines, put their hands back on their shoulders, and with the right end, enlighten them! And then I don’t take anything out anymore.


– I’m doing great, as always!

Also Aquarius: lying behind the sofa facing the wall in the fetal position and crying. At the same time, he metaphorically smashes furniture, the Universe, and the skull of the interlocutor to pieces. At the same time, Aquarius is sick of the rainbow.


– What are you, I trust you!

Also Pisces: think over ways of retreat – so that you do not find any traces. They don’t tell anything about themselves that they wouldn’t post on social networks (they have a user pic on social networks and a repost about helping Dalmatian puppies, who have been threatened with euthanasia for the fifteenth year). They think about how, where, when, and with what you will mortally wound them.


– I will decide all the important issues!

Also Aries: “I don’t know how. Why did I say I would? Why did he ask? Or didn’t you ask? I do not remember”. He is afraid of important questions in a panic – even more than going to the toilet at night after watching a horror movie. But to lose a reputation is the worst thing. So, most likely, he will still decide (as much as he can).


– Yes, that’s a good idea!

Also Taurus: he thinks about where the Heavenly Office put the conveyor for the release of such delightfully fearless idiots. Taurus has already defended her dissertation on this topic, written five books, and sold the rights to the series and the dog to the federal channel, In principle, not only she ate, but also digested it a long time ago. Come on, tell her.


– I’m listening to you carefully.

Also Gemini: in fact, the brain of the Gemini at this moment is revising the fifth season of Game of Thrones, rereading Ulysses, having a dialogue with an imaginary friend, numerous subpersonalities are divided into groups according to interests and each thinks for three, and some other part of the brain sleeping at this moment. Because yesterday, too, though.


“I wasn’t offended at all that you were!”

Also Cancer: carefully, in detail and colors, remembers what exactly you did to her, how exactly you did it, and for what (for nothing, of course!). Diligently picks open the spiritual wound with a rusty carnation. He comes up with a plan of terrible revenge, which will befall the entire race of the enemy up to the seventh generation.


– Yes, I didn’t care about everyone!

Leo too: he salivates with a pencil and carefully writes in a moleskin, who, how, when, and how many times looked at her, with what facial expression, what, presumably, he thought at the same time, and what conclusions she, the Lioness, should draw from this. To profitably use later.


– I agree with you.

Also Virgo: sincerely admires what kind of crazy nonsense you are talking about. Plan how it can be used against you. With the delight of a newly minted young naturalist, he dissects your personality, completes a complete and reliable picture of events from each accidentally dropped word or careless gesture, and draws conclusions. Summarizes: Nothing interesting, send to the scrap.


“I don’t think about it at all.

Also Libra: they think about it 24/7. For morning coffee, in transport, at work, during gatherings with friends, and on a romantic date. They wonder what would have happened if they had acted this way and not otherwise. They build the situation anew, endowing themselves with superpowers, depending on the situation: from reading thoughts to subordinating everything to their will. They are very sorry that the Universe did not give them the necessary skills in time, otherwise, they would have wow!


What are you, no problem!

Also Scorpio: “You have very, very big problems. Your problems are higher than Everest, deeper than the Mariana Trench, blacker than a black hole, smellier than surstromming. You will crawl on your knees and beg for mercy, you pitiful, worthless little man. I will trample your life, dry it, grind it, and pour it into my cat’s tray. Fortunately, Scorpio just thinks all this, but not the fact that he will do it. It’s just that Scorpio constantly thinks something like that.


– Hooray! I am so glad!

Also Sagittarius: frantically remembers who you are. Considers whether it makes sense to remember and have fun with you, or is it better to get off with insignificant small talk and simulate strong employment. In the end, he concludes that you are nothing like that. Anything is better than a deadline.

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