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What Traits Do You Find Most Attractive In A Partner, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

When you look at a potential partner, we hope the first thing you notice (besides looks) is their personality. It is true that for each of us, there is a certain quality that attracts the most in the opposite sex. However, you may find that one characteristic is more attractive to you than others. According to your zodiac sign, here are the qualities you find most irresistible in a partner.

What traits do you find most attractive in a partner?


As an Aquarius, you are a free-spirited and highly intelligent person. You want a man with an open mind. You need someone who can carry on a conversation with you and keep you interested.

You dream big, something big, so you will be attracted to people who are also striving for new heights. You need someone who will impress you with their drive and desire to move forward.


You are always the one everyone comes to with their problems because you are so in tune with other people’s emotions. The most attractive thing a man can do is to be the one who listens to you, who wants to hear you and your opinion.

You don’t like being controlled. Those who play with yours are not worthy of your attention. Love yourself!


You are an Aries and tend to love small competitions, it’s in your nature. You find it incredibly seductive when a man is as driven and dynamic as you are, yet able to respect your independence. He appreciates you but does not bend under you. Here are the traits you are most attracted to.


Your sign is the most grounded of all the zodiacs. You are afraid of sudden changes. Therefore, you like it when a man is consistent and reliable. If you feel calm and confident with him, then this is happiness.

Taurus women are also known for being romantic. You like it when a man does something, even the smallest, just to let you know what he thinks of you.


As a Gemini, you will be most impressed by someone who will stimulate you intellectually and satisfy your curiosity. You are drawn to the mystery; if you think there is something worth learning, you do it.

A man should show you his attention, you should feel not only that you are interested in talking with him. You should feel desired and beautiful. Necessary and extraordinary.


The people of your sign are known for being emotional, which means that you tend to take everything to heart.

You will be attracted to someone who can understand you, even if you cannot voice how you feel at a particular moment. He understands and fully accepts you. It’s so nice when someone knows you better than you know yourself. Although a little scary.


Leo women like to be in the center of everything. You want to be admired and treated like a true queen. You think that because of your positive personality traits, you deserve to be treated well.

With this in mind, the quality that attracts you most in a man is attentiveness. He must be attentive to you and your desires.


Virgo is a fairly serious zodiac sign. If you were born under this zodiac sign, then you need someone who will make you laugh and make you forget (at least for a while) that you always need to be practical and calculating. However, you still need someone as smart and collected as you are.


As a Libra, you are looking for someone who is both a good listener and a good conversationalist. You find it incredibly sexy when a man shares his love of learning and self-improvement. And he should also have beautiful physical data, preferably.


Your sign is the most passionate of the zodiac signs. At least, almost all astrologers say so, and we are also ready to subscribe to this. You find it irresistible when a man shows the same passion as you. Because of your curiosity, you are also attracted to men who keep you on your toes and do not let you succumb to second impulses.


Sagittarius women are known for their free spirits and a deep desire to explore new things. You are an extrovert, a risk-taker, and endlessly curious. You long for someone with the same kindred spirit as yours – someone who yearns for adventure as much as you do.


As a Capricorn, you are disciplined and goal-oriented. You are most attracted to a man who will respect your independence and support you in whatever you want to do. Gentle and sympathetic and at the same time purposeful person.

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