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What Type Of Girlfriend Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign


You are that girl who has no problem risking everything for someone else. You move with your heart and you know that even though you may lose, you don’t know how to act otherwise. I wish you could premeditate everything, but you can’t. So, you will probably fail a million times but you can still be proud of doing whatever you want at all times. It’s your lifestyle and you’re not going to change it for anything because just like sometimes it brings things that aren’t so good into your life, most of the time it’s the best of your personality. 100% Arian energy.


You are the loyal girlfriend, the one who idolizes sometimes even too much and who does everything possible to make things work, even if you are the only one doing her part to make it happen. Yes, Taurus, you are a fighter and you are also very clear that when you get into a relationship, you will always be faithful. You don’t throw in the towel quickly like other signs do and you always try to fight for what you want. Only when you can’t take it anymore do you cut him out of your life? But for that to happen, a lot of things have to happen first…


You’re not afraid to take the plunge when you love someone, to bet everything on them, and to leave aside everything that bothers you in those moments. Yes, Gemini, you experience everything with great intensity and you are happy about it. You will let yourself go even though everything may seem crazy. You will always look for ways to be close to your partner or your crush and if things start to no longer work out, you will always try to resolve it in the best way possible. Sometimes, and only sometimes, you give the other person their own medicine. If they are unfaithful to you, let them expect the same. Or a little more.


You need to have a special, deep connection with your partner or crush, otherwise, it will only be for a while. You are a person who needs a lot of affection and love even if you don’t always ask for it or even if you don’t always call for it. You will be faithful and loyal as long as things go well and you receive what you ask for. You may have stages where you feel a little lost and lacking in love and seek that warmth in other arms. But nothing has to happen beyond a special bond with others. In other words, it is not always necessary that there be infidelity. Ultimately, you need to take good care of yourself and rise so that your insecurity disappears from your life as quickly as possible.


As the good Leo girlfriend that you are, you will put your heart into everything you do, you will put your love, your desire, and your energy into making this person feel good all the time, or at least, for as long as possible. You will go from zero to a hundred very quickly, you do everything with vehemence, energy, and courage. Sometimes you might feel like you’re exaggerating too much. But that’s how you are, you need to express yourself and you need to do things with a lot of passion. From love and love to anger. You will give it your all but the day you take it away, they will notice too much.


Virgo, you are a thorough and meticulous girl and you know what you want almost from the first minute. Come on, it will be very difficult for them to change your mind because you are not easily convinced. Perhaps you often nag because of your partner’s disorganization. You can’t stand your life being disorganized, you can’t stand having everything upside down, and you can’t stand having to constantly “pull” someone to do things correctly. Virgo, you must maintain control of your life even if from the outside it may seem a little chaotic. You will be more dependent than it seems but you will fight for your independence whenever you understand that it is necessary.


You, Libra’s girlfriend, are charming to everyone, or at least you try to be. You’ll always see the glass half full, but if you’re around someone a little destructive or toxic, it’s easy for you to end up picking up on those vibrations as well. And this can be dangerous, especially for your mental health. Libra, you will do everything in your power to make your partner happy. You will smooth out problems and be very fair with everything. You may be a person who arouses jealousy in others because of this natural charm that you possess.


Intensity is your last name and you don’t make things easy when you’re the Scorpio girlfriend. You’re super deep and sometimes your head fills with thoughts that even you don’t understand. You may have many wounds within you that are not yet fully healed and it is also likely that your partner will need to give you a helping hand for them to heal. You will help progress in everything and you will be that person who gives you a helping hand when you need it. You are very visionary and you can raise your partner to heaven or send them down to hell with just a few words. That’s your big problem. You have concentrated all the good and all the bad and sometimes it is difficult for you to have complete control over these emotions.


As a Sagittarius girlfriend, you are expansive, you’re not afraid to try something new, and you’re always there to give good advice to your friends. And if not good, at least positive. Sagittarius, you may have many insecurities within you but you always have a smile for the world and for those close to you. You are cheerful and can transform a small idea in your mind into something immensely big. The problem is that we often don’t implement these ideas out of laziness. You have the energy to stop a train and if you commit, you tend to be loyal. More than anything because before being mean to someone you prefer to leave.


Dear Capricorn, you are afraid of losing control. Sometimes you may appear overconfident and perhaps also appear a little bossy. It’s not quite like that, but you’re very clear that no one is going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. And because of this, you may seem a little stubborn and proud. But Capricorn, you are very intense with the people you love, faithful and loyal. You hate betrayal and will only practice it to get revenge. Additionally, you have an incredible protective instinct. You will never let anything bad happen to your partner.


You are independent, crazy, and always seem to go against the grain. You are a happy girl and very rebellious, sometimes it is difficult for you to fully commit and you seem detached. But deep down, it’s just that you like having your freedom and letting everyone know it. Sometimes this may seem like detachment, but it is not. As the good Aquarius that you are, you can have a lot of love for your partner, but you will never abandon your individualism. You are special and unconventional and that is, ultimately, your trademark, what you fall in love with.


You are impulsive and sensitive and you move with your heart. You need to merge with the other, to feel that you are one and that they truly understand you. This is the most important thing to you, Pisces. You can be suspicious and that is why what you want most is to have that person by your side who can make you believe in yourself more. You want a full life and to be able to trust your partner. If it breaks, everything will break. Pisces, you will be able to delve into the most intense aspects of your partner and bring out the most beautiful part of themselves, what they had inside that they didn’t know existed. You stir souls.

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