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What Zodiac Sign Are You Under?

Which sign of the Zodiac you are subordinate to? The horoscope helps to find out which of the signs of the Zodiac affects you and to whom you meekly obey. The Universe made sure that each representative was in some way subordinate and dependent on someone. This is necessary to balance the balance between different elements. Astrology indicates couples that are not only able to subdue but also influence a certain representative. Which zodiac sign are you in submission to:


It will not be difficult for a sign to fall under the influence of Scorpio, who, with his magnetic gaze, can influence any representative. This energetically strong personality almost cannot resist a dangerous manipulator. And what remains for the sign to do is to meekly obey. And to somehow disrupt the usual course of things, the representative should change his behavior and lead the cunning dodger into a dead end. But in ordinary life, such actions are practically not successful.


This sign can only obey a sensible Sagittarius. He will easily knock the ground out from under his feet and will do it so masterfully that the first one will not guess the trick. And if Taurus begins to show his emotions, then this will play into the hands of Sagittarius, which he will use. And everything that happens, he will turn into selfish goals. And if the relationship becomes stable, then this can be considered a fatal relationship.


With whom this sign should not be in a relationship, it is with Capricorns. They need to stay away from them as far as possible. But if communication proceeds only within the framework of a business or formal line, then there is no danger.

But, as soon as communication moves to a new level and is carried out on an ongoing basis, then there are chances for Gemini to get psychologically addicted. Capricorn, on the other hand, will put pressure on his authority with all his might and push him to unthinkable actions. There is a risk that the dual sign cannot cope with the pressure and get bogged down in the abyss for a long time.


It is to Aquarius that this sign can become attached and become dependent on it. And, as a rule, this connection only has one side. And Aquarius tries to use its natural magnetism to its fullest for its good. A strong personality affects the vulnerable Cancer, and he follows her without being aware of his actions. And this attachment can be fatal for a representative of a water sign.


Whoever poses a danger to this proud and implacable sign is Pisces. They can drag them into their abyss of violent emotions. And it seems that Leo perfectly controls the situation and will not let himself be drawn into addiction. But no, under the charm of the water element, he will not comprehend how this happened. Two opposites cannot coexist together, and even more so, contact each other. And if Dev starts to get angry over trifles, then all his contradictions become obvious.


A soft sign may well obey the fiery sign, Aries. And the role of the victim for the representative is prepared. But under whatever action the Virgin is, she is aware that she is being used, but she cannot do anything about it. And all this is due to its weak energy potential. But Aries feels his strength and understands his significance in the position. And it depends only on him how their relationship will turn out and what step they will rise to.


What this sign lacks in life is stability. And they see a similar quality in Taurus, which can bribe them even more. And in order not to disturb their harmonious balance, Libra clings to the relationship that the earth sign gives them.

But everything will last so long, it depends on the euphoria itself. Taurus tries to impose on them his way of life and the position that he adheres to. And if the action turned out, then Libra ceases to control the situation and completely obeys a strong sign.


These signs can only fear Gemini, who can shock them with their non-standard behavior and outlook on life. Although, if the sign has a well-defined self-confidence, it will come into close contact. But it is not a fact that these relationships will be extremely confusing and resemble a kaleidoscope with a quick change of plots. But so quickly, Scorpio can get confused, never fully solving the riddle of Gemini’s character.


Such an action is an incomprehensible phenomenon, but a modest Cancer may well subdue this sign. And to tame the obstinate nature, slow tactics are needed, which the sensual sign will develop. Sagittarius for anyone is an open book. And if some representative knows how to manipulate well, then it doesn’t cost him anything to predict the emotions of the sign. But Cancer will be in a relationship with Sagittarius for as long as he needs it.


This sign is used to trust their intuition in everything and check every action. But he cannot help himself when he realizes that he is drawn to the proud Leo.

This connection becomes fatal for a prudent sign. And under the influence of hypnosis, Capricorn begins to lose his ability to think rationally and think through every step. And he begins to meekly embody the ideas of his partner with ambition, even though plans and ideas may turn out to be unpromising.


It is difficult to find a suitable fit for the sign of the water element, but only Virgo can universally do this. In business communication, they can perfectly navigate and have a common point of view. But when it comes to relationships, such an action can be doomed to failure.

Virgo begins to take on the shadow side and act on her own, while smoothly drawing Aquarius into her gate of manipulation. And when she is in complete control of the situation, she is in complete control. And the water sign is no longer able to resist.


To influence this sign is a waste of time. But Libra may well do this, completely unaware of their actions. The air sign envelops the water representative with its charm, which he cannot resist.

And subsequently, Pisces begins to follow Libra in the direction that they will be shown. And the sign of the water of the elements will not fully understand where it is heading. If this takes place in a business alliance, then over time the chance of success will approach zero.

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