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Which Astrological Signs Are The Most Excessive At Christmas?

Among the signs that celebrate Christmas, some experience this moment very, very intensely. Are you from the “too much doesn’t exist” team?

In the Zodiac, three musketeers advance hand in hand (and in ugly Christmas sweaters) to give their all, enjoy like four, and… find it hard to stop. But who are these excited people at the end of the year? Spoiler: not Capricorns, obviously born at the wrong time.

Taurus: be careful, avalanche of gifts

Taureans know the concept of cornucopia: they have two perched on their heads. This year again, your aunt born under the bovine sign will probably arrive on New Year’s Eve weighed down by gifts. All happily overflowing with a real linen hood, because it compromises neither on quality nor on traditions. Yes, in the earth sign, “long live the winter wind” rhymes with “discovered”. Be careful, this is not why it is breaking its ecological principles: zero non-recyclable packaging and 40% perishable products mobilizing the five senses.

If “profusion” is her middle name, the materialistic side of Taurus has everything to do with her favorite planet: Venus. And in astrology, there are two types of Venusians. On the one hand, Libras balance with graceful harmony their love of beauty on one side, and their sense of proportion on the other. On the other hand, Taurus accumulates their passion for good and their total lack of self-control regarding earthly pleasures. And finally, who could blame them for this excess of generosity, if not their banker?

Sagittarius: beware of indigestion and excessive drinking

Even if she is more expansive (and much less on time) than Taurus, Sagittarius shares this epicurean side. What pleases her the most? The sight of a table so full that it threatens to give way, of dishes garnished to the point of overflowing, and the prospect of a riot of petit fours between two heavy jokes. Besides, Sagittarians have only one rule for the holidays: never a belt, even less jeans and go retro tight clothing. The flowing dress and the ultra-stretchy tights are your best allies for wearing everything comfortably.

For the rest: Sagittarius and her imitation reindeer antler headband are freewheeling. And is it their fault if they are astrologically linked to the largest and most excessive planet, Jupiter? The Sagittarian motto is therefore: if the universe is expanding, then so am I. Bedridden until the New Year, they will sing to you between bursts of heart: “No, I regret nothing”.

Pisces: risk of drowning in the Christmas spirit

Like an elf, she has been waiting for this moment since December 26. Before the discovery of Neptune to whom astrologers entrusted the guardianship of Pisces, the watery sign was in collocation with Sagittarius at Jupiter. You will better understand the impossibility for Pisces to give themselves any limits daily. So at Christmas, we let you imagine. Unlike previous quadrupeds, Pisces has no use for food and presents (even if it will not spit on them).

What makes the sign vibrate is the magic of Christmas, coming together as a whole and singing off-key in unison. This is why Pisces is all about the vibe. The overloaded decor and not recommended for people with epilepsy, that’s it. The five playlists, one of which only includes “Last Christmas” by George Michael to play on a loop, are also hers. If they disappear during the evening, it is to go sobbing with love and gratitude to the toilet, thinking of their loved ones gathered in the next room. And the few strangers she met on the way, including a dog, whom she of course invited.

Their excuse, all three of them? Life is short and deep down, no one is sure that this Christmas isn’t the last. If we start from this admittedly bleak observation, there is absolutely no good reason to be reasonable. Quite the contrary.

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