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Which Zodiac Signs Are Lone Wolves: Always Alone Against Everyone

Which zodiac sign loves solitude? Is he also unsociable?

Have you ever been curious about which zodiac signs are most likely to spend time alone? We conducted our investigation for you and gathered all the information about these lone wolves of the zodiac known to face their problems, fight against all obstacles and live through ups and downs without needing anyone’s help. Let’s go!


This Earth sign comes first! In fact, as humans, we have different needs when it comes to sociability, but for Capricorns, it’s a whole different story! They have a real penchant for solitude! Moreover, as the astrologer, Julie Patriat explains: the natives of this sign are nicknamed the hermit of the zodiac! Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, a planet of loneliness and isolation; they like to focus more on achieving their goals without asking others for help! Proud to overcome the obstacles that hinder their path and consider failure as a learning opportunity, but not only! They place a high value on their personal space and prefer to indulge themselves by doing things that make them happy and peaceful! For representatives of this constellation, isolation is not a weakness, but rather a thoughtful choice that allows them to focus on their aspirations. Moreover, as relayed by our colleagues from Femme Actuelle, the Capricorns, often considered the lone wolves of the zodiac, always need moments of solitude to refocus and clear their minds. That said, although they are reserved, they are extremely loyal to those close to them and take their relationships seriously. They are thoughtful individuals who cherish the moments they also spend with others, and when they love someone, they invest themselves body and soul!


To begin with, there are the natives of the sign of Aquarius who are considered free spirits who do not seek to please others and do not need anyone to validate their thoughts or decisions! They prefer to fight their battles alone if they think it’s the best thing to do… As with Capricorns, Aquarius have their specificities; they are autonomous, refuse help from others, and even find solace in their loneliness. For them, being solitary does not mean being alone in life, but rather having the freedom to go your way and do things your way. Aquarians have unique character traits: they get bored very easily, which makes them prefer to stay away from others! With Uranus as their ruling planet, Aquarians are always on the lookout for novelty and independence. Indeed, although they are homebodies, their thirst for freedom and originality makes them fascinating companions for those who share the same interests as them in discovery and adventure.


Although known for their perfectionism and attention to detail, those born under the sign of Virgo can sometimes be overly critical of others and themselves. This attitude usually ends up isolating them and making them feel alone. As the famous astrologer, Kyle Thomas noted and relayed by Best Life magazine, their tendency to be hypercritical ends up repelling the people around them and making their relationships quite complicated. This solitary side makes them unable even to enjoy their own company! To avoid this, the only option available to them is to learn to be gentler with themselves and those around them. Due to their great sensitivity, the natives of this Earth sign sometimes tend to get on the defensive without realizing it, which scares others away.

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