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Who Is Taurus’ Best Friend?

Leo, Libra, Aries… Who is compatible with Taurus? Discover all his friendly affinities. Enough to help you better understand Taurus in friendship.

In the game of friendly compatibilities, everything is a matter of chance… Or not! In astrology, the signs of the zodiac each have their little character. Aries is enterprising, Gemini is a joker, Libra is a diplomat, Sagittarius is optimistic, Capricorn is straight and organized, and Pisces is dreamy. And so on. The affinities are more or less obvious. There are those with whom it is obvious to meet and those with whom we do not get along. To help you better understand your sign and discover the different personalities of the zodiac, we have compiled a list of the best astrological friendships for you, sign by sign. Place your bets. Everything is possible. Next stop: the world of Taurus.

What is the character of Taurus?

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. His role? Germinate the seeds that Aries planted during his season. People born under the sign of Taurus (between April 21 and May 20) have a pragmatic character. Showing a lot of common sense, they are people from whom we like to ask advice. Like all Earth signs, they excel in organization and in the art of making decisions by their values. Faithful, honest, stable, and persevering, Taurus is a sign you can count on. In everyday life, he guides his loved ones by helping them take their responsibilities, but we can also count on him to campaign for the cause of aperitifs and hellish lunches. For good reason, Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus which gives it a bon vivant character. He has a taste for good things, loves local products, good cooking, gardening and even taking care of his home.


As we told you in a previous article, he is “a bit gruff when it comes to making declarations of friendship”. Yes, he has the reputation of being materialistic or even stingy, but when he loves, he (almost) doesn’t count! With his friends, Taurus knows how to be generous. He is also an excellent shoulder to support his friends, but he prefers gestures to nice words. His way of saying I love you? Spend hours cooking delicious meals to comfort your loved ones. Although it may take time for him to trust, once he opens up to others, he gives everything. Faithful, he will never abandon you. Just beware of anyone who betrays him. Once disappointed, he will not hesitate to cut ties without a word. The sentence will be irrevocable.


Taurus is one of the easy-going astrological signs. To make him happy, all you need to do is promise him a cozy evening, a good meal, and a warm blanket. So he doesn’t have too much trouble bonding with others. In the list of his favorites: Virgo and Capricorn. The other two Earth signs. With them, the current flows easily. They share the same vision of the world. All three are very attached to the notion of balance and their values. With them, good accounts make good friends. They then find themselves in the idea of ​​taking care of themselves, reassuring themselves, and above all in the need to help each other evolve. Together, they put in place strategies to buy an apartment, create Excel tables, and share files to prepare for their vacation by comparing prices. In short, they have an eye for good deals.

Same thing with Cancer and Scorpio. The sensitivity of these two Water signs is echoed in Taurus’ way of acting and thinking. All as faithful as each other, they promise to listen to each other, reassure each other, and support each other no matter the situation. Softness, calm, and tranquility. In these friendly relationships (Taurus/ Cancer and Taurus/Scorpio), everyone feels free and confident to express their true personality. They remake the world and unleash their share of creativity.

Who is Taurus’ best friend?

If Taurus gets along well with several people, there is a sign with whom osmosis is perfect. Together they make a pair. Inseparable BFFs, Taurus and Pisces share the same sensitivity. This arty duo has a taste for beauty, a keen sense of creativity, and above all a need for unparalleled peace and tranquility. Together, they organize “chill, relax, and relax” afternoons. On the program: a spa, a gourmet break, a moment of reading, painting, or pottery. But, behind this relaxing routine also hides an enriching friendship. The two are constantly pulling each other up. When the great pragmatist of the zodiac meets the magician, spirits rise. Pisces invites Taurus to open up to other possibilities, it helps him to find solutions, to change his point of view, to take a step back and see bigger. For its part, Taurus brings Pisces back to Earth. He guides him and advises him, reminding him that it is sometimes good to be concrete. Taurus supports Pisces. He is there to teach him how to make projects a reality, and to dare to assert himself. Under the influence of Pisces, Taurus learns to let go, to let go, to dream. They understand each other without having to speak and that’s good because they are the two most silent signs of the zodiac. In short, they are complementary. Winning duo.


It seemed important to us to conclude this article with a small warning. Remember that astrology is not an exact science. It’s not even a science. Bottom line: everything you read is simply based on theories and observations. We must therefore take this with a grain of salt and especially with a pinch of salt. Yes, a Taurus can be a Pisces’ worst enemy. Yes, a Taurus’ cosmic BFF can be a Leo, even if this paper seems to say otherwise. In reality, the astrological signs or sun signs on which we base ourselves to list Taurus’s best friends are not the only criteria that allow us to establish astrological profiles. Your ascendant, moon sign, or the position of Mercury in the sky at the time of your birth can change the situation. This is why, to know yourself better, we advise you to study your star chart or astrological chart as a whole. And then, there’s more than just astrology in life. Other details can intervene in your life promoting connections. So let the magic of life have its share of mystery and don’t try to explain everything!

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