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Why are Gemini men so fickle? 6 reasons

Geminis are changeable and unstable, which makes them quite complicated people.

Gemini is a mutable zodiac sign, so for this reason they have a strong need for change. When we talk about Gemini, we are talking about two people in one.

  • Why are Gemini men so fickle? 6 reasons

1. Geminis are fickle because they adapt very easily

The twins let themselves be carried by the tide and can change as needed. Being fickle means never knowing when you’ll need to change to get through a certain situation. Geminis take what is given to them and try to fend for themselves depending on the situation. Not many signs can change like that on demand, so it can be considered a quality after all

2. Geminis are fickle because they are indecisive

Now they might want one thing, and the next second they might want a completely different thing. Geminis have a hard time deciding what they want, so they usually need several options to go with at once. Being fickle is when someone or something is constantly changing, and that’s usually what happens to Geminis when they’re indecisive. Geminis are constantly changing their minds and definitely need help making decisions.

It’s not shocking to see how many changes they go through before deciding on a choice.

3. Geminis are fickle because they are impulsive

Geminis tend to act before thinking things through, which makes them impulsive people. Now he can work on something, but if something more tempting comes along, he will put everything aside and start experimenting with something new without thinking ahead.

4. Geminis are fickle because they are chaotic

To be chaotic is to be unpredictable in this case.

Geminis can’t sit still because they get bored very quickly and need a lot to stay focused on what they’re doing. You will never be bored around them, but you have to be able to cope with their pace.

5. Geminis are fickle because they are curious

Geminis have a special interest in a lot of things, which causes them to have several projects or plans going on simultaneously. Since they are interested in everything, it is difficult for them to stay in one place. Geminis also lose interest as quickly as they gain it, another reason for their fickleness.

Their interests are constantly changing.

6. Geminis are fickle because they are sociable

Being sociable means being confident when you go out socially and friendly with everyone you meet. Twins have both. Being so popular and constantly getting to know so many people, customs and places, it’s hard to keep them in one place.

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