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Why You Should (Also) Read The Horoscope Of Your Moon Sign

Since you know your ascendant, have you read the horoscope of two signs and does it seem edifying to you? After reading this article, we bet you will even read three of them.

If you’ve just learned that there is a moon sign in astrology: congratulations. A whole new world of meanings and “what’s your birth time?” as an aperitif is offered to you. To know your main sign, also known as the solar sign, we base ourselves on the astrological constellation in which the sun was located when you were born. For the moon sign, it’s the same thing but it doesn’t have the same meaning. At least, according to astrology. Here’s why you should check your weekly lunar horoscope.


Sun (or main), ascendant, and moon sign: this trio is what the Anglo-Saxons call our “big three”. In short, our three astrological musketeers. But since they don’t have the same symbolic role, being Leo ascendant Leo moon in Leo doesn’t just mean being a triple Leo.

Imagine yourself as a planet. Your surface, what you show to the world, is ascendancy. Below, the rock that forms the basis of your personality is your astrological sign. Dig deeper and you will come across the molten core: your moon sign, the one that speaks to the most intimate part of your personality. The moon sign represents your emotions and your inner world. There we find your most instinctive reactions, the child in you, your unconscious, and your dreams but also what reassures and comforts you.


In short, your horoscope gives you an interpretation of how your day, your week, your month, or even your year could go. But aside from being about your emotional state rather than love or money, your moon sign’s horoscope moves much faster than your sun sign’s. This is for a very simple reason: while the sun travels through the zodiac in one year, the moon completes a tour of the Astro signs in 28 days. She stays on average two days in each sign, which makes the moon sign’s horoscope much more changeable and interesting to follow day by day.

For example, if your moon sign is Pisces, you may feel more in tune with your emotions and needs when the moon is also in that sign. And conversely, if the moon is in Virgo (an opposite sign of Pisces) your need to flow your emotions as they come may feel a little thwarted.

And if you are passionate about the moon, know that there are lunar horoscopes but also applications dedicated to the moon or that your lunar phase of birth also says a lot to you.

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