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Your Horoscope For The Week Indicates That Mercury Retrograde Will End In Style

Your horoscope for the week of April 21 to 27 starts with a bang with big emotional jolts, but rest assured, everything settles down towards the end of the week. You detach yourself from the unstable energy of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Although unexpected changes may still occur in the coming weeks, stay open to all possibilities. Recent dramatic events are coming to a head, helping to remove the obstacles that limit your freedom.

The week opens on April 21 with a tense aspect between the sun in Taurus and Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto, the planet of deep transformation, could challenge you in areas of your life where you resist change. This influence could shake your sense of security, pushing you to step out of your comfort zone and view the world from a new perspective. Expect revelations that could shake up your usual way of thinking. It promises to be an intense week, perhaps a little intimidating, but also full of lessons!

Right after that, we will witness a full Pink Moon in Scorpio. This fixed water sign is known for its power to reveal buried secrets and bring hidden truths to light. Expect this full moon to uncover hidden agendas, revealing everyone’s true intentions.

Prepare for some surprising revelations. If you know how to play your cards right, this powerful new source of information could not only benefit you but also bring positive change to the entire world.

You’ll likely feel some relief by April 25, when Mercury retrograde finally comes to an end. This period of retrograde, stationed at 15 degrees of Aries, has been particularly difficult, with Aries being a very proud zodiac sign. This is one of the reasons it has led to so much ego-driven conflict.

With Mars, the planet of action, conjunct Saturn, the ruler of time and boundaries, throughout this retrograde you may have felt intense pressure. Fortunately, post-retrograde clarity is about to manifest, allowing you to transform this pressure into something precious, like a diamond.

Occurring at 20 degrees Aquarius, this is your first encounter with a new moon while Pluto, the planet of generational changes, also moves into Aquarius. It could represent something unknown and completely unexplored, and whether you’re ready for it or not, you’re a main character thrown into a whole new story.

Here’s what you can expect for your horoscope for the coming week, based on your Sun sign and/or rising sign:

Aries weekly horoscope

You might have trouble letting go of something important to you this week to trust in a greater cause.

On April 21, the sun in Taurus confronts Pluto the transformer, encouraging you to sacrifice something to achieve your dreams or to open up to a community project.

A full Pink Moon in Scorpio will also rise on April 21, revealing some mind-blowing truths. Occurring in your eighth house of transformation and transactions, it will encourage you to strengthen your boundaries while developing deeper intimacy. You might also see a financial return on your investment.

April 25 marks the end of Mercury retrograde, bringing clarity and focus to your first house of the self. Over the past three weeks, this demotion may have left you unsure of who you are and what steps to take. After much trial and error, you will come away with stronger self-acceptance.


This week you may feel tension between how you want to be perceived and your true nature.

On April 21, the sun in Taurus clashes with Pluto the regenerator, increasing the pressure to heal your image while remaining true to yourself. Everyone has a role to play, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your authenticity.

A pink full moon in Scorpio will rise on April 23-24, revealing surprising relationship developments. Prepare for revelations that could shake up your seventh house of partnerships, telling you clearly who you can and can’t count on. Let yourself be surprised by placing your trust in an unexpected person.

When Mercury retrograde ends on April 25, you may feel less exhausted and weary of the hustle and bustle of the world. As Mercury resumes its direct march through your twelfth house of subconscious energies, you may finally feel ready to let go of the grudges you’ve been holding on to.

Gemini weekly horoscope

Giving up one perspective for another may seem terrifying, but that’s exactly what the world expects from you this week.

As the sun in Taurus clashes with Pluto in Aquarius on April 21, a flirty and disruptive fling could show you a whole new way of looking at things. However, some of these revelations might be difficult to accept.

As a Pink Full Moon rises on April 23-24, you might learn what your mind, body, and soul need to feel nourished and supported. Revelations about your daily routine as well as your work-life balance can be incredibly enlightening, especially if you’ve been working a lot lately.

On April 25, you can breathe a sigh of relief when Mercury’s retrograde finally comes to an end. Since Mercury is your ruling planet, the last few weeks have been particularly confusing and overwhelming, especially when it comes to your social life. However, these challenges and mysteries can lead to interesting developments.


You may have big dreams and ambitious goals.

But this week is a reminder that the path to success still requires a lot of work. On April 21, the sun in Taurus clashes with Pluto, showing you that there are no shortcuts to success, but that the long-term investment is worth it.

A Pink Full Moon in Scorpio spices things up on April 23, encouraging you to follow your creative instincts and find more meaningful ways to express yourself. This full moon, in your fifth house of pleasure and passion, could introduce you to a new romance or an inspiring artistic idea.

When Mercury retrograde ends on April 25, it will bring new clarity to your career and its future direction. After solving several problems in your work and professional activities, it is time to move on to things a little bolder.

Leo weekly horoscope

This week, you may feel tension between your professional responsibilities and the commitments you have made to your loved ones.

On April 21, the sun in Taurus clashes with transformative Pluto, confronting you with the delicate balance between pleasing everyone and maintaining relationships based on trust, compromise, and sacrifice in the long term.

On April 23 and 24, a Pink Full Moon in Scorpio could reveal alarming information, especially regarding your personal life. This full moon, in your fourth house of private affairs, could lead you to become aware of a major transition that impacts the dynamics of your home and family.

Mercury retrograde ends on April 25, marking the end of a period where you may have felt stuck. You might now realize it’s time to go back to school, explore new fields, or renew your passion for something you care about. Bragging about your successes is meaningless if they don’t bring you personal satisfaction.


Right now, you feel the desire for exciting life experiences that make you feel alive.

But with all the work you have to do, who has time to embark on the adventure? On April 21, the sun in Taurus will clash with overwhelming Pluto, perhaps reminding you of the need to impose more boundaries to find your humanity amid routine.

Dramatic conversation could arise between now and April 23-24, when the full Pink Moon in Scorpio lights up your third house of communication, especially with close friends and siblings. There may be a change in the dynamics of your interactions with someone in your usual circle, especially if what you are learning is difficult to digest.

Fortunately, Mercury retrograde ends on April 25, bringing welcome relief amid the chaos. As Mercury begins to advance through your eighth house of intimacy, shared finances, and trust, you can rest assured that you have begun to address the issues that have hindered your growth. The hardest part is now behind you.

Libra weekly horoscope

Your deepest emotions are laid bare this week, confronting you with a deeper vulnerability.

On April 23, as the sun in Taurus clashes with Pluto, the planet of rebirth, you may experience tension or conflict in a romantic relationship. Your desires may not match the level of confidence you feel, so remember that the butterflies in your stomach can also be a warning sign.

On April 23 and 24, a Pink Full Moon will rise in your second house of money and self-esteem, alerting you to a possible change in your financial situation. Whether you make a big purchase or decide to start saving, a renewed abundance is in sight.

Mercury retrograde will finally end on April 25, dispelling conflict and strife in your relationships. If you’ve reconnected with people from your past, you might leave feeling like you’ve completed this chapter. It’s time to absorb the lessons your allies and enemies have taught you.


There is a big difference between the family you chose and the one you were born into.

This week, you may feel tension between these two factions as the sun in Taurus clashes with Pluto, revealing each other’s hidden agendas. To get the relationship you’ve always wanted, you may need to embrace a new understanding of love.

On April 23 and 24, a pink full Moon in Scorpio illuminates deep truths. You might discover parts of yourself that were either dormant or previously unknown. Remember that Scorpio is the sign of transformation and rebirth.

The past few weeks have been hectic due to Mercury retrograding in your sixth house of daily tasks and routines. Now that Mercury retrograde ends on April 25, you might find a smoother way to accomplish your daily tasks without sacrificing the rituals that keep you grounded and balanced.

Sagittarius weekly horoscope

If you’ve made too many promises that you can’t keep, it could catch up with you this week.

On April 21, as the sun in Taurus clashes with Pluto, you may realize that you are running out of time and energy to accomplish everything you have planned. Maybe it’s time to be honest about what you can handle.

When the Pink Full Moon rises on April 23-24, it could bring hidden emotions to the surface, inspiring you to express your feelings and release them. Healing is complex and often, to cope with daily life, we must suppress our true emotions and simply carry on. This full moon could bring you back to reality, allowing you to fully feel your emotions and release them.

By April 25, Mercury retrograde will end, entering directly into your fifth house of pleasure and creativity. It could reignite your inspiration and enthusiasm for life. It could even bring positive developments in your love life, especially if your relationships have been tumultuous recently.


Your desires might reach their peak by April 22, especially if you have a crush on someone.

As a sun in Taurus opposes Pluto’s shadow, you might find yourself giving more than you should to get the satisfaction you seek. Don’t devalue yourself just to impress someone, and be careful not to empty your bank account just for fun.

Between now and April 23 and 24, you may be confronted with some important truths about your social life. As a Pink Full Moon rises in your 11th house of community and higher ideals, it could reveal information about the people you spend time with and their influence on your life. You might be ready to connect with people who share your interests and care about your dreams.

When Mercury retrograde ends on April 25, it could lead you to make an important decision regarding your personal life. If you’re struggling with your family or your house is a mess, this change will help you see things more clearly and get on the same page.

Aquarius weekly horoscope

You need a stronger sense of security and understanding at home.

And if you and your loved ones disagree, you might want to fight back between now and April 22. This is when the sun in Taurus will oppose Pluto in Aquarius, revealing your hidden powers and reminding you who you are. Free yourself from any pressure to be someone you’re not and return to your true self.

A Pink Full Moon in Scorpio will shake things up on April 23-24, bringing you a revelation about what you want to accomplish in your career and how you should stand out. Maybe it’s time to show the world the cards you’ve been holding so close to your chest because you’re finally ready to reveal what you’ve been working on.

In recent weeks, Mercury’s retrograde has made communication more difficult and painful. But by the end of this week, you’ll be in a great position to clear up misunderstandings and finally find the right words for what you’re trying to say.


Be careful who you trust, because hidden enemies lurk this week.

On April 21, as the sun in Taurus clashes with Pluto, you may find yourself walking a tightrope when it comes to sharing your truth without accidentally giving ammunition to those who wish you harm. You don’t have to reveal everything to everyone, especially if they can use it against you.

On April 23 and 24, a Pink Full Moon in Scorpio will remind you not to lose sight of the big picture. Instead of focusing on every little detail and flaw, take a step back and look at how everything fits into the bigger picture. There is a much brighter picture of reality, so permit yourself and trust in the future.

If you’ve been spending too much money or need to change your financial habits, everything will become much more manageable after Mercury retrograde ends on April 25. Take these lessons to heart so you can avoid unnecessary spending and focus on the ones that truly matter to you.

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