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Your Tarot Card By Zodiac Sign: What Awaits You In November 2023

They told what twists of fate await representatives of all zodiac signs in November 2023.

November of this year falls during a very interesting period: at the end of October, a powerful corridor of eclipses ends, which began with an annular solar eclipse. The next time such an event is expected is in 23 years, and this period will mark the course of our lives in the next 9-12 years. Decisions made at the end of October will have a very strong impact on the next month. What the beginning of this new period in your life will be like, you will find out from our Tarot horoscope for November for all zodiac signs.

Principles of tarot horoscope

A tarot horoscope is a layout for the energy of the month for all signs. It describes the general mood and the main aspects of life that will need to be paid special attention to. For each sign, a main card (one of the Major Arcana) and an explanatory card (one of the Minor Arcana) are drawn.

The Major Arcana plays a dominant role in the deck: they reflect energies and life scenarios. They determine the main sensations and the general forecast for the month. The Minor Arcana provides specific data on the situation: they determine the circumstances and clarify the area of ​​life affected by the influence of the Elders. They can also determine the meaning of the dropped Major Arcana since they are often multi-valued. For example, the Arcanum “Lovers” can speak both about the sphere of relationships and about the need for moral choice.

Thus, the combination of two such cards gave an exact idea of ​​what each sign should expect from November. Now it’s time to find out what surprises of fate the Tarot cards will reveal to us in the horoscope for this month. In the forecast, we focused on the Major Arcana, but in the description we took into account the influence of the Minor.


Major Arcana: Star
Minor Arcana: Nine of Wands

Aries is a bright, emotional, very manifest sign. It is not at all surprising that for representatives of this sign, a new stage of life in November will begin with a chance to become even more noticeable and attract more attention. This month for Aries will, on the one hand, be an opportunity to take a break, relax, and replenish itself – after all, the Nine of Wands indicates excessive persistence in work, hinting at the need to take a break. The month will also be rich in signs of fate: look around carefully – events will lead in the best way, you just need to listen to the Universe. And, of course, November will open up great opportunities for Aries in the field of fame and leadership: the time has come to declare themselves and act.


Major Arcana: Sun
Minor Arcana: Four of Wands

Taurus are calm, measured people who know how to enjoy life. It is precisely these qualities that will be revealed in November 2023: this period is given to representatives of the sign to maximize their ability to enjoy life and personal success. It will be very favorable to complete the things and projects you have started – they will bring great fruits and financial results. Don’t be afraid to take responsibility and leadership. At the same time, it is important not to forget that you must listen to the opinions of others, work in partnership, and pacify stubbornness and selfishness. It is worth paying attention to the home and its arrangement: Taurus always cares about comfort in a space intended for relaxation and fulfillment.


Major Arcana: Tower
Minor Arcana: King of Cups

For the flighty, carefree, and easy-going Gemini, this period will be a real test of strength. The time of transformation will entail the abandonment of the past, outdated beliefs, and the usual way of life. But such tests are sent for a reason: their goal is to build a new reality, to finally begin to act and move towards goals that have long lived in the head. If you start changing your life on your own, you have the opportunity to avoid surprises and increase the potential of your actions. The ideal result of this month will be an increase in emotional intelligence and contact with your worldview.


Major Arcana: Temperance
Minor Arcana: Three of Wands

Cancers are the most sensitive, vulnerable, and empathetic representatives of the zodiac circle. That is why, probably, after a difficult corridor of eclipses they will have a month of rehabilitation. So it’s better to devote November to stabilizing life in all areas, mental rest, and finding peace. It will be useful to be alone, analyze what has been achieved, and pause in decisive actions. It will also be useful to take time to build a plan for the future – globally, covering all areas of life and a large period of life.


Major Arcana: Strength
Minor Arcana: Nine of Cups

Leos are bright, proud, dignified creatures. In November they were lucky: the energy of the month is determined by the Arcana corresponding to the sign. Thus, throughout November, these representatives of the feline family will feel “at home.” It will be very important to devote time to spiritual growth and devote yourself to practices: meditation, and relaxing massage. It is worth carefully monitoring the manifestations of your ego: to control the rushing pride and arrogance inherent in this sign. Then true fullness and abundance will come, attracted by the generous and bright manifestations of Leo.


Major Arcana: Chariot
Minor Arcana: Page of Wands

It’s time for focused, planning, and scrupulous Virgos to finally start acting: the level of preparation does not matter, even if there is a feeling of insecurity and weakness. All the best plans and action plans have already been built, now we need to put them into practice. Don’t neglect the opportunities to learn and adopt other people’s experiences: this will save a lot of effort and time along the way. For the most part, the month will be devoted to areas of career and achievement, gaining one’s integrity and independence.


Major Arcana: The Last Judgment
Minor Arcana: Three of Swords

For measured, neat, and cautious representatives of the cardinal air sign, this period can become difficult. Fate has prepared karmic rewards for Libra: these may be the consequences of previously made decisions and the reverse effect of rash actions in the past. However, there is also a positive moment: the reward for bright and kind actions will also be found during this period. You should be careful with your words and actions towards others: this month there will be many opportunities to hurt them, but this is only a test of your ability to restrain yourself and analyze the situation in the moment.


Major Arcana: Moderation
Minor Arcana: Three of Pentacles

Scorpios are outwardly poisonous, but inside they are fragile and vulnerable individuals. Like for Cancers, this period will become a kind of “haven”, an opportunity to heal mental wounds after the much-consuming corridor of eclipses, and to come to their senses. It is worth devoting time to friends and family, showing loved ones how valuable their presence is in life. It will also be useful to evaluate your experience and accumulate it for further action. It will be useful and pleasant to visit places of natural or cultural heritage, connect with sublime energies, and take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle.


Major Arcana: Justice
Minor Arcana: Queen of Cups

Sagittarius are active, bright, and determined representatives of fire signs. November will allow them to fully demonstrate their qualities: this month they will have to make important decisions and take responsibility for work processes and other people. At the same time, it is important to maintain empathy and understanding about others: Sagittarians, passionate about specific tasks, often find it difficult to do. You should also be careful when taking any actions: this month the karmic system will restore balance at lightning speed.


Major Arcana: Devil
Minor Arcana: Knight of Pentacles

Stubborn, restrained, and strong, Capricorns, just like Leos, fall under the influence of the Arcana of their sign this month. This, accordingly, will also bring some feeling of familiarity and comfort but do not forget that the Devil brings provocations and temptations into life. Therefore, November will be full of tests of stability, firmness of intentions and principles, and faith in one’s beliefs. If you maintain honor and perseverance, there will be many opportunities to significantly improve your financial condition and influence in both professional and public spheres of life. The main thing is not to abuse your power.


Major Arcana: Strength
Minor Arcana: Page of Swords

For friendly, open, and peace-loving Aquarius, November will be a period of gaining spiritual experience. This is a time of immersion into one’s personality, introspection, and setting personal guidelines and priorities. You should be more attentive to the manifestations of your character, learn to be calmer and more restrained, and also sincerely do bright and right deeds. The period will be favorable for studying, undergoing training, or starting psychological sessions. You should not take rash and sudden actions; it is better to try to remain calm and continuously analyze what is happening around you.


Major Arcana: Peace
Minor Arcana: Six of Pentacles

Pisces are dreamy, gentle, and slightly absent-minded representatives of the signs of the water element. November will allow them to relax and surrender to the flow of events: their state of mind will be incredibly peaceful and fulfilling. It will be useful to be in the company of people, communicate and make joint plans, and create a community of like-minded people. The likelihood of going on a trip is quite high: the souls of Pisces require movement, a change of scenery, and a reboot. It will be most favorable to go on a solitary journey to natural places, make new acquaintances there, and help other people. Participation in charity events will have a positive impact on the general state of affairs of the representatives of the sign.

A tarot horoscope can be an excellent guiding card for each sign: after all, it tells you what you should prepare for and how best to behave in this difficult month after the eclipse corridor. The main thing is to remember that fate is in our hands, and the energies of the Arcana are only guides on how to make the life situation the most favorable.

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