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Zodiac Lucky Charms: What Symbolic Jewelry Should You Wear?

We are going through a difficult time, where an extra bit of protection and luck doesn’t hurt any of us. We cling to symbols and begin to get closer and closer to our spiritual side, perhaps one of the most important positive consequences of the current situation.

when you choose a piece of jewelry with symbolic value, to bring you good luck, protection, and magic in life, make sure you invest in accessories that blend perfectly with your personality. Among these, lucky zodiac talismans will be the ones that will make a massive difference in your life. See what we recommend in the lines below!

Tell us what zodiac sign you are and we’ll tell you what talisman protects you!

The positive energies that surround you like a beneficent aura the lucky talismans below will defend you from anger, illness, and bad luck, and protect you with their timeless strength. More importantly, they will heal your soul in these troubled times.

Looking for guiding powers, we stopped at Accent Jewelry, where we know that all jewelry is designed with love and fuses positive energies with the jewelers’ passion, thus doubling the protection and good vibes. Here’s what we recommend!

Aries – The Dragon

He spits fire and blows smoke out his nostrils, but he’s nowhere near as scary as you when you get angry. All kidding aside, the Dragon is the most suitable Chinese zodiac counterpart for Aries. It honorably represents those with a fiery soul, iron will, and leadership qualities. By wearing a dragon talisman, you will gain clarity of thought, the ability to rise above all the obstacles that life throws your way, luck, and spiritual growth: exactly what you need right now.

Taurus – Thor’s hammer

Who hasn’t laid eyes on the handsome actor who plays Thor in the Avengers series? If you, with your sensual nature, are a contender for Chris Hemsworth’s heart (if only he weren’t happily married!), your zodiac sign resonates better with his…hammer.

In Norse mythology, the hammer represented the creative force and power of Divinity, being used by the god to make thunder and lightning. An all-powerful symbol of the Vikings, Thor’s hammer will give you work power, determination, visionary spirit, and the ability to make all your dreams come true.

Gemini – Theater Mask

It is not for nothing that you are said to be the dual sign by definition. You have the unique ability to feel the depths of the heart and in all their depth the whole galaxy of human emotions, from joy to sadness, from ecstasy to despair. The Theater Mask pendant is the counterpart of the two ancient muses of comedy and tragedy, Melpomene and Thalia, symbolizing live theater, art, passion, and even drama.

By allowing you to more easily externalize your feelings, it will nuance your incredibly complex nature.

Cancer – The Tree of Life

There is no symbol that better represents the values ​​you believe in than the mythical Tree of Life. Present in all cultures and adored in all religions, this lucky talisman emphasizes the connection we all have with everything around us, attachment to family and fertility, strength and personal development, and also the love of peace. Proudly wear the 925‰ silver pendant from Accent Jewelry, which will build hope in your soul, give you strength to move forward (without the backward steps characteristic of your sign), and inspire much-needed self-confidence. Tree of Life silver pendant


Let’s give to Caesar what’s Caesar’s and to the king of the jungle what’s the king of the wilderness: that’s our reasoning for handing you the very symbol of your zodiac sign. Indeed, there is nothing more characteristic of your sign than the totemic animal that represents you. Power, royalty, nobility, and even a touch of wildness: you are exactly the Lion that bears your name in the world. With a majestic golden mane and feline gait, you will be perfected by this gorgeous pendant, which gives you even more mental strength so that nothing can destroy you. Leo silver pendant

Virgo – Hanuman

A follower of the Hindu god Rama and passionately worshiped in India, where he is involved in exorcism rituals, Hanuman, or the “monkey king” faithfully represents your traits and beliefs (not religious, or not necessarily). Deity is perceived as the untainted association of power, and heroic initiative, but also devoted loyal and loving nature. Hanuman also reflects the strength of faith, excellent self-control, and ultimate sacrifice for a cause: how could you not find yourself in this list that describes you perfectly? Enhance all these birth gifts with a protective silver pendant! Hanuman silver pendant

Libra – Buddha

Again, we want to emphasize that wearing a particular symbol has nothing to do with religion or personal beliefs, but with the intrinsic values ​​of that talisman. Your diplomacy and balanced and serene nature is perfectly reflected by the Buddha. A symbol of happiness, peace, and soul harmony, the Buddha reflects enlightenment, “awakening”, marking the spiritual journey that every Libra is invited to make towards itself. The ring with the ancient symbol of Buddhism will help you discover yourself, fulfill your potential and develop as you have never dreamed. Buddha silver ring

Scorpio – Eye of Horus

The most mystically inclined sign, often gifted with paranormal powers and clairvoyance, having the ability to see deep into the being of those around them and read thoughts, Scorpio finds its favorite lucky talisman in the Eye of Horus. An ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power, and health, the Eye of Horus was a guarantor of wisdom and safety, which you need so much at this time. He will protect you loyally, reap with his power any negative energies and dispel evil intentions. You will hardly find a symbol with which you resonate so well! Eye of Horus silver pendant

Sagittarius – Star of David

Power, God’s rule on earth, creative energy, and perfection: the meanings of the Star of David may as well pencil your way through life. Kabbalah interprets this Jewish symbol as reflecting the battle between good and evil, between the material and the spiritual, and we know that a fiery personality like yours often ends up fighting such battles. One of the most potent talismans in the world will deepen your communion with God and strengthen your soul for the wars you will go through. Star of David silver pendant

Capricorn – Dorje

The spiritual power that destroys ignorance, the weapon that shakes unbelief, the diamond that cuts but cannot be cut. The Dorje principles may indeed seem too abstract to be associated with one man, but if there is anyone who can embody them, it is you. The Buddhist symbol, inspired by Hindu motifs (Vajra, representative of lightning or the diamond) manages to reflect your inner strength and extraordinary ability to withstand any vicissitudes. The Dorje silver pendant will help you face anything. Dorje silver pendant

Aquarius – Hamsa

You are one of the few signs that can accept and understand anything, a symbol of tolerance and universality. You can embrace any religion or belief while remaining true to yourself, which makes you a spirit of a better future. What represents you? The Hamsa or Hand of Fatima is one of the artifacts carried from the Middle East to Africa by Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike. Protecting against negative energies, evil eyes, and curses, the talisman will stand by your side on your journey through life. Hamsa silver pendant

Pisces – Pentagram

Please shake off your preconceived notions: the pentagram is not a symbol of Satanism, it was just “borrowed”. In reality, the pentagram is a much older talisman, today being approached by many religions, but also as a Wiccan symbol. Suggesting spirit and the other 4 elements, the pentagram highlights spirituality, the spark of life, and full knowledge, which transcends the boundaries of life and death. It protects from evil and is necessary for nature so sensitive, but also so spiritually gifted by the Divinity, as you are. Pentagram silver pendant

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