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A Zodiac sign these days is not in the spotlight.

Indeed, it is exposed to the unpleasant aspect that the transit of Uranus does with Saturn. Although we are all collectively exposed to difficult aspects, people born under this sign feel it directly on their skin.

The announced changes, if not implemented voluntarily, risk being affected by force. In other words, these people will face three years of great turbulence and the blast of the wind may destabilize them.

We are talking about Taurus. It should be emphasized that Taurus does not only represent a person born under this sign. It represents the whole principle on earth that it governs: food, banking, money, economy, nature, plants …

Interpersonal relationships represent physical contact and touch. But also music, joy, and pleasure.

The details with which nature plays are incredible. So this has brought us into a situation that requires us to immediately move away from all of the above. The passage from Saturn to Aquarius forms a square according to Uranus in Taurus.

Saturn in Aquarius is a prohibition and the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, indicates that the subject of the prohibition is anything that falls within the symbolism of Taurus.

So everything that represents this sign faces a historic turning point. According to many astrologers, Taurus represents planet Earth. So if we take this into account, we are currently exposed to a transit that has stopped everything and which will forever change our way of life.

On the one hand, this is good news, because the planet will be reborn.

However, the length of the unpleasant transit indicates that we will need a lot of patience to get through this period with the least possible consequences.

The result of everything that started in March of this year is only expected in 2023. We face years of serious challenges and a complete and radical redistribution of all that life on earth stands for.

Health, finance, economy, technology… In this transit phase, the situation will stabilize temporarily during the summer, and from the fall, especially in December, new challenges await us on the planet.

On a personal level, Taurus represents people who have both feet on the ground, are materially determined, self-aware, persistent, and even stubborn, because they are characterized by steadfastness which, at the same time, in addition to all the beauty of endurance, can become the biggest flaw.

This sign, in addition to overpowering food and the hedonistic lifestyle, also governs song, music, and dance. It is therefore not surprising that among the members of this sign, as well as among those for whom this sign is underlined in the horoscope, we find the greatest number of musicians and happy revelers.

Sweet and romantic, he likes to make love always and everywhere. His physical needs are great. He is sensual, he must receive confirmation of love through hugs and hugs to be sure that the relationship is going well.

He appreciates the most a partner who has a practical outlook on life like him and who does not interfere with his goals.

Yet despite all the sensuality, the material aspect of love plays a big role.

As a partner, most often, Taurus chooses a person who is situated and thrives. Because regardless of all the love that is close to his heart, he must also be nourished materially. Any kind of poverty throws him into deep discontent and he will accuse his / her partner.

He is a great hedonist, enjoys hobbies, and tends to indulge in worldly pleasures without thinking.

People born under this sign do not like abstract relationships. They are very direct and practical in their dealings with people. And they expect consistency and completion of all formalities from their partner.

Ford Taurus, dining together is the right way to spend time with a loved one, because the center of all relationships – partnership, friendship, or family – is at the table.

His friends appreciate his refined taste in music and art. He is a regular at restaurants, known for their good specialties and their pleasant atmosphere. Some accuse him of being materialistic. But Taurus is not interested in this, because such people stay in his life for a short time.

On the other hand, if he has accepted you as his own, he will treat you gallantly. And will shower you with precious gifts, because that’s his way of showing you how much he loves you.

Gluttony, hedonism, music, alcohol consumption, and a seemingly sympathetic and generally accepted lifestyle, can be “toxic” to Taurus himself. Often he suffers from the consequences of such a life.

When you look at all the basic characteristics of the Taurus sign and compare them to the situation we find ourselves in, you will see how nature has played and forbidden everything that is listed on the Taurus list.

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