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10 Things That Prove You’re A Taurus

Native of the celestial ox, do you still doubt your belonging to the herd? Let us prove to you by ten that you are a Taurus of choice.

Possessive but endearing, grumpy but good with plants: Taurus in all its splendor. Are you a Taurus and don’t recognize yourself in this (non-exhaustive) list? Perhaps you identify more with your ascendant.

1. You are convinced that you are right 24 hours a day

Quite honestly, you don’t see why others insist on contradicting you when it is obvious that you have the absolute truth. It’s starting to get annoying.

2. You hate people touching your things

Associated with the element earth and the planet Venus, Taurus is a materialistic and possessive sign: anyone who moves a trinket or borrows a book without asking must expect to assume the consequences.

3. You hate being rushed

You were elected “Miss I take my time” by the teacher, in CE2, and you were proud of it. If you’re asked to hurry, there’s every chance you’ll slow down even more.

4. When you eat, it’s always an intense moment

You are always hungry and you don’t eat your meal: you live it. Time disappears, and you leave the earth, in short: the experience is total. When it comes to meditation, you haven’t found anything better yet.

5. You are addicted to secondhand

“Is it pretty AND not expensive? I need it. » When you shop for clothes or decorative objects, your three passions come together: shopping, materialism, and extreme stinginess. And your passion for the environment, too. Of course.

6. You never forget a face

If you have been wronged (whether the injustice is big or small), it is etched in your elephant memory. Forever.

7. Sleeping is your favorite hobby

Next to you, “Sleeping Beauty” is a little player. Taurus is one of the four fixed signs: in short, it much prefers to stay where it is in all circumstances. Beware of whoever wakes you up from your nap.

8. Grumbling is second nature to you

Have you ever tried looking for lice on a bull? We neither. If the animal is uninviting, there is a reason: it only wants to be left alone. Disturbed in their routine, Taurus can become (very) grumpy.

9. You are addicted to chlorophyll

Watering, pruning, and repotting: your life is so naturally punctuated by the care of your leafy plants that you don’t even need to think about it. You have a green thumb. Especially if they are edible plants.

10. You haven’t changed your mind since 1999

Stubborn? A little. Damn, stubborn? Above all. Changing your opinion takes too much time and energy. For safety: you will therefore camp in your positions until death ensues.

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