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3 Types Of Women Who Make The Best Girlfriends (According To Astrology) In 2022


Bulls are strong and independent on the outside, but inside they are loving and caring.

If you are lucky to have a Taurus girlfriend, you will not regret it because they make great girlfriends.

They are loyal to their partners and will go “beyond” for their relationship. Whatever happens, while you are together, they will never deceive you.

With a Taurus, you will have what to build your entire life on. Besides, it’s no worse to mention that they are good at romance and know how to cook.

Food, romance, and love – what more do you want from life?


Capricorns are gifted and they are very ambitious and cautious in their choices.

They will choose the right partner because they will not let themselves go with someone who does not deserve them. They will choose someone of quality.

Once they have chosen you, they will make sure that you are satisfied at all levels.

Capricorn women will be more than happy to spend a lot of time with their loved ones because they know they have made the right choice.

Sometimes, they can be undeniably stubborn, but they will be the first to admit that they were wrong.

If you’re lucky enough to come across a Capricorn woman, be sure she’ll make your life better than she ever was.


Fish women are very emotional. They have their hearts on their hands.

Their sensitivity is the reason they represent the best girlfriend you can find.

When in a relationship, they will take your feelings into consideration and make an extra effort to help and understand you.

They will never be mean to you because they understand the concept of expressing feelings and the difficulty of keeping them buried.

Whenever the opportunity arises, you will be bothered by all their gifts, but their mission is to make everyone around them happy – especially their companions.

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