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3 Signs Of The Zodiac Will Be Devastated This Week, On The Program: Betrayal And Pain!

Which zodiac signs will be put to the test throughout this week?

If Pisces is the sign with the most bohemian outlook, Saturn is the planet of life lessons! Do you know what the marriage of these two energies means? It’s obvious, a troubled period is coming! This week will therefore be an opportunity for the three signs of the zodiac to review their attitude while experiencing severe trials…


Aries friends, let’s warn you right away, this week will be tense! These are great trials that await you… But rest assured, you will come out stronger! You are so open to life, generous, enthusiastic, and optimistic that you sometimes forget that life can be hard sometimes. Indeed, this week promises to be exhausting. You will be impacted by the bad energies that surround you. You will be spied on and criticized, even when you want to do good deeds. You will end up exhausted and unable to bear such relentlessness. In this case,  Saturn invites you to lead your life in the most discreet way possible, because you are not only surrounded by people who want you well! So be careful and discreet, your happiness depends on it.


Enigmatic, indomitable, and mysterious, so many characteristics that distinguish  Scorpions! However, the stars will not be tender with this water sign, pushing him to question himself. During this week, their professional project could experience some slowdowns, which they will not be able to control.  Powerless in the face of such a situation, they will have to arm themselves with patience and above all question themselves to learn the necessary lessons. On the other hand, they will experience some disappointments in love! Reputed to be tender, despite their character, the Scorpios will experience love quarrels this week that will anger and upset the course of their lives. That said, the astral energy of March invites you to remain humble and loving.


During this week, Cancerians will be upset and unlucky. Of a tender and compassionate nature, you sometimes find it difficult to assert yourself in this harsh and realistic world. Indeed,  your work requires requirement and reactivity, and this is exactly what you will miss throughout this week. Indeed, you will find that dynamism is the key to success in the business world. At this point,  the stars advise you to review the traits of your personality to face everyday life and all its ferocity. That said, you will learn to strengthen your abilities professionally and personally to become the best version of yourself. In addition, the trials you will go through this week will help you detach yourself from the past to better consider the value of the present moment. If it looks so tough, it’s because Saturn wants your personality to be more radiant! After this week, you will feel better… and it’s well worth it!

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