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Today’s Horoscope 4th August 2023


For Aries, this day may begin with certain forced worries (especially if the day before they did not pay due attention to their current chores and missed some important little things). The stars recommend starting such things in the morning because as events unfold, enthusiasm and energy will become less. Cheerfulness can be prevented by laziness, despondency, fatigue, absent-mindedness, or malaise.


Today, the stars advise Taurus not to rush to clarify the program of the future and “draw” its possible picture, but they approve of the desire to plunge into the past to apply the old experience to new plans later. This is a good day for contact with a company of old friends (provided that the meeting is not related to officialdom and implies free communication with familiar people outside of strict regulations).


Today, the stars advise Gemini to refrain from starting from scratch and building new plans: most likely, these are fantasies doomed to failure. In fulfilling your direct duty and obligatory deeds, you should show consistency and accuracy. If there was a quarrel or a misunderstanding the day before, it makes sense to take a break, but it is important not to hush up the issue and leave it under control.


Today, Cancers can rely on instinct and imagination, but remember that sometimes this day does not suggest the most optimistic scenario. Due to suspiciousness, a random coincidence may look natural. Travel, contacts, and other current fuss is preferable in the morning. It is good to spend the evening with friends, while spiritual unity with them will be more important than physically being near.


Today, the stars recommend Leos to remain vigilant, since absent-mindedness, carelessness in details, and neglect of the basics of secrecy and security can become the main cause of problems. You should not discount such risk factors as bad mood and well-being (especially chronic hidden ailments). It is better to exclude any undertakings and limit yourself to a minimum of mandatory procedures.


Today, the stars advise Virgos to stay alert in any communication and cooperation. Even if agreements are reached in words, in practice, mutual or unilateral dishonesty is possible, someone may be silent about something or “cautious”. Something on this day will have to guess, including intuition. Incomplete trust is not the best background for starting cooperation or trying to reach an agreement.


Today, the stars advise Libra to take into account the objective ambiguity of the situation. During the day, oddities, cancellations, losses, doubts, or cases of forgetfulness are possible. It can be difficult to follow the basics of hygiene, the rules of professional meticulousness, or secrecy. It does not hurt to check the work done by assistants or hired personnel. It is worth reading the instructions for tools and medicines more carefully.


The stars tell Scorpios that today any efforts will be more effective in the morning (including team projects). However, even in the morning hours, you should not count on much: laziness, absent-mindedness, sloppiness, or ambiguity of the situation can interfere with the desired result. It is possible that the work that has been started will have to be completed intuitively, relying on experience, memory, and intuition, or even quit halfway through.


Today, the stars do not advise Sagittarians to do anything other than their mandatory program (for example, urgent matters or household chores). Until the night, it is important to fight absent-mindedness and carelessness so as not to encounter a mistake, deceit, or other trouble. It is undesirable to turn a blind eye to problems, especially those coming from the past, not resolved in time and passed into a chronic phase.


Capricorn stars are reminded that today their dependence on the psychological background remains and it should remain favorable for them. You should not correct a mistake at any cost or start a new business from scratch if this is not urgently needed, and the mood leaves much to be desired. Mandatory chores, contacts, and short trips should not be postponed until the second half of the day.


Aquarius, the stars are telling them that today will not continue as the most productive period for them. In any business, there may be disappointments, obstacles, mysterious obstacles, or hidden traps. Don’t expect too much from yourself or others. It makes sense to reschedule agreements and transactions, as well as the start of any event. In the current small occupations, attentiveness and meticulousness will not hurt.


On this day, Pisces can give the impression of people “not of this world.” Dreaminess, secrecy, absent-mindedness, detachment, an extreme degree of gullibility, or alertness can become their hallmark. They may inappropriately answer questions or falsely interpret other people’s actions. A subtle natural intuition will help them navigate the situation if they do not drown out her voice with illusions.

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