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3 signs whose relationships will fall apart this week

The period between November 8 and 14 can be quite difficult for some zodiac signs when it comes to love!

This week’s astral influences show themselves here on Earth in the form of passionate rage. More zodiac signs tend to feel more intensely about the things they care about most.This is an astrological transit that brings out what we consider to be our priorities.

Once our priorities are established and our life partner acknowledges them, a careful analysis of the relationship takes place, discovering weaknesses, differences and factors that could lead to separation.

This transit brings with it resentments and claims. If the demands are not met, separation occurs

Relationships require patience, trust and understanding to last.

But, this is quite a difficult one for 3 signs.

We may see the end of many relationships as, for certain zodiac signs, the degree of patience is getting less and less. 

Here are the 3 signs whose relationships will fall apart this week:



If you’re involved in a relationship, you’ve probably felt the strain in recent weeks. You’ve always enjoyed your time away from your life partner, and circumstances have made it hard for the two of you to see each other, which has worked, so far.

Maybe someone put an idea in your head and now you think that you want your relationship to be closer and that this distance is not ok. The person you’re with might want things to stay the same and ask you to trust the concept that “distance makes you miss and love you more.”

Because someone outside the relationship suggested to you that this was not normal, you began to believe it.

Now, you are frustrated and impatient, and this new way of thinking is the beginning of the end.


These days, online love stories are more common than we would expect.

It is possible to be in such a relationship, which is mostly consumed online. You’re here and he/she is there, and you’ve both come to understand that your relationship is based on texting and emojis.

Astrological conjunctions this week will reveal the minuses that exist in the case of a long-distance relationship, and one of you will become quite demanding, wanting to turn the relationship into something real.

Either you or your partner will ask for a face-to-face meeting, and one of you will reject the idea, which will set off a chain reaction of questions and arguments, leading to the end of the relationship.


Not all people can last in such a relationship, but you can. If you’re currently involved in a relationship where you don’t see your partner every day, you’re probably more than happy with how things are going.

He’s not in your face and you don’t have to show him your worst or ugly side.

Unfortunately, this week’s astrological conjunctions affect his/her partner’s point of view in this regard. And he/she wants more, but you’re not ready for it yet.

You’ve just gotten used to the ebb and flow of what you think is this perfect relationship. You finally had your space, and now this person you’ve grown to care about wants to invade your space.

The bad part is that you will look like the bad guy in this equation, because you want to preserve the sanctity of your own personal space.

This is the beginning of the end of the recession, and frankly, that can be a good thing.

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