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3 zodiac signs that are not made for marriage. Find out who they are!

Some people just don’t see themselves in this position and see nothing interesting in getting married, while others start planning their wedding at a young age.

For the latter, the thought of putting on a wedding dress or a fancy suit and marrying their best friend makes them extremely happy. They also start looking for their husband or wife from a young age because they are impatient and can’t wait even a day without finding someone to share their whole life with.

Those in the first category put themselves first and want to make themselves happy before making someone else happy.

Just the word marriage gives them chills. But with the younger generations, this is starting to become the norm.

Gone are the days when you wanted to get married right out of school and start a family. Many prefer to focus on their career or travel.

For some signs, reluctance towards marriage is quite predictable. Sure, they might change their minds in the future (distant future anyway), but for now they just want freedom.

3 zodiac signs that are not made for marriage. Find out what they are:



Gemini constantly worries that their feelings towards their partner will change after marriage, so they try to stay as far away from this commitment as possible.

Sometimes I feel like being married to someone might be fun, but I almost always end up changing my mind.

I also know that it can be difficult to live with someone else for the rest of your life, and this convinces them that the marriage will inevitably end in divorce.

Unless these natives are absolutely in love, don’t expect them to ever show any interest in marriage.


Sagittarius does not see himself married, because for him, marriage means that he loses his freedom and loses himself.

Sagittarius is a very independent person who prefers to have casual relationships and adventures. The idea of ​​having a serious relationship can scare him.

This sign wants to focus on herself and her needs while she’s young, so marriage is something to consider only late in life.


Aquarius hates the idea of ​​marriage because they don’t want to go with a broken heart.

Seeing as it’s impossible for him to fully open up to someone, there doesn’t seem to be much chance of him wanting to get married.

Aquarius likes to be independent and take care of himself. He often worries that he won’t find anyone who can vibrate at the same level as him, but more than that, that no one will understand how he feels about love.

That being said, he prefers to stay away from marriage altogether.

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