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Love Compatibility: Which Astrological Signs Don’t Go Together?

Have you just met? Ask your date their astrological sign, maybe it’s not right for you… In astrology, certain astrological signs just don’t seem to match each other. Discover the worst love compatibilities.

It’s well known that in life you can’t always get along with everyone. There are people you feel like you’ve known forever and others with whom, no matter what happens, nothing happens. We grant you that finding your soul mate is not an easy thing. Ask our psychologists, they will certainly have a host of anecdotes to tell you. In love, it’s either a match or a break! Yes, yes, even with you dear Libra friends… We see you rebelling by feigning love and peace for all, but it can’t always work like that. If there are better love compatibilities than others, it is because the stars have decided so… Is this a myth or a reality? The question is debated, but to avoid nervous breakdowns (and tears), we have put together a small list of signs that absolutely should not be around each other. It’s a gift!


The most romantic signs will tell you that “the magic of life is everything, it’s something that cannot be explained”. This was without counting on the powers of astrology which can shed light on certain situations in our lives. Love and romantic relationships are no exception to the rule. Yes, there are inseparable astrological signs and others that do not go together. How to explain love compatibilities? For what? It’s a simple question of character. The Fire signs – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius – would then be more able to get along with the Air signs – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius – because Air fuels Fire. They have many points in common such as humor, curiosity, interpersonal skills… The same thing with those of Earth – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn – who would match more easily with the Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – with whom they share the same sensitivity. After all, Water nourishes the Earth.

But is this something we should take for granted? Questioned by ELLE.fr, astrologer Mahéva Stephan-Bugni confided: “We have social, cultural determinisms, etc. But we’re not going to add one more, and especially not in love because it’s already shit! », says Maheva who explains that “if we also try to categorize the people with whom we are perhaps going to have relationships, it becomes complicated”. She says she stays “away from it, except to mess around because it’s not serious.” Everyone has their point of view.


Not everyone is made to experience the perfect union. Do you doubt it? Here is a non-exhaustive list of the worst love duos of the zodiac. As a bonus, it can sometimes happen that couples get along well, but once they get intimate, everything goes off the rails. We will explain everything to you!


Aries is a great extrovert, an impulsive sign who likes everything to go quickly and who doesn’t care to weigh the pros and cons before embarking on an adventure. When he has an idea in his head, nothing can change his mind. A philosophy that doesn’t suit Capricorn. In the zodiac, the last Earth sign is an authority figure. He likes it when things are carefully thought out, sometimes even if it means delaying too much and missing the boat. Faithful in love, Capricorn tests his or her partner before deciding whether or not it is acceptable to live with them. Aries is the volatile type. He tends to tire (too) quickly… In short, in this union, Aries will end up exhausting Capricorn, and the latter will end up suffocating Aries. The two don’t share the same outlook on life.


Taurus is the epitome of all that is most romantic in the world. As a strong and stubborn person, the first Earth sign dreams of a calm life where he can spend his weekends cozy with his soul mate, whispering sweet words to him. Too little for Sagittarius who only wants one thing: to travel around the world and enjoy their freedom. A bit jealous, Taurus will not tolerate Sagittarius’ need for independence. Conversely, the last Fire sign could quickly feel suffocated by the long declarations of Taurus. Too much pressure, probably too much commitment all at once. Better to avoid this tumultuous combination. Same observation with Cancer. The latter will not feel appreciated at his true value with a Sagittarius who runs the streets to discover new faces rather than worrying about his other half. The story could be the same between Gemini and Capricorn or between Leo and Virgo. Gemini and Leo are too intense and perhaps a bit too selfish to date such blue-blooded characters as Capricorn and Virgo.


Sometimes it’s better to abstain. In this case, it’s a safe bet that these two signs won’t even have the idea of ​​starting a story together. For what? It’s all about worldview. Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac, represents openness to the world. His passions boil down to partying, living in the moment, laughing, and communicating. Problem, for Scorpio it’s quite the opposite. This Water sign incarnated by Hades, the god of the Underworld, is more of the brooding type. Although his magnetic power makes him irresistible, he prefers to wonder about alchemical questions. Why life, why death? He dives into the depths of his soul and rehashes his past to explore every nook and cranny. If the ultra-cerebral Gemini approaches the overly sensitive Scorpio, the latter could well end up biting him. And, you know the story, Scorpio venom can quickly be fatal…


Both are stuck on the zodiac wheel. Does that make it a magic combination? No need to leave more suspense, the answer is no. It must be said that the two do not have the same approach to love. Cancer, a protective and maternal Water sign, needs recognition. When he is in love, he abandons himself to the other… On condition that he feels unique. Except that Leo is a Sun sign, a Fire sign that needs to shine. Although he will find in Cancer’s eyes all the admiration he has always dreamed of, he might have a little difficulty proving his love. Cancer asks too much, his feelings seem too intense for a Leo, too busy shining in the spotlight. Result: Leo will end up no longer knowing how to act with his other half while Cancer will lack recognition and love. The same observation between Cancer, the Water sign, and Aquarius, the Air sign. Cancer in love could have difficulty aligning and understanding the language of Aquarius, this great original who spends his life chatting rather than showing his affection. “No time, there’s an aperitif!” No time, there’s a philosophical debate,” Aquarius will shout when Cancer offers him a romantic evening. “And me in all this? », will answer Cancer, ultimately quite alone…


You don’t need to be a genius to know that Water extinguishes Fire. Bad luck, Pisces is a Water sign, Aries a Fire sign. Do you see where we’re going with this? Yes, in this couple, Pisces, a tender dreamer with unstoppable calm and legendary gentleness, ultimately has little chance of getting along with Aries. The latter is of the frank type of necklace. To seduce an Aries, you have to hang on, know how to tease him and accept his (too) vibrant energy… The challenge is big for Pisces, perhaps even too complex for him. This great romantic needs tenderness, Aries needs surprise. Pisces loves caresses. Aries only knows how to act with actions. All in all, it is difficult to see where the balance point can be found. “Thank you, next. »

It also works for Sagittarius and Virgo. If the two signs might have interesting conversations at first, the sauce will settle as quickly as it rose. The two will not be able to agree. Virgo wants to build something serious while Sagittarius is terrified of commitment. “Leave me alone, I need to breathe,” he finally said to her while packing his bag to flee to the other side of the world while the beauty simply wanted to remove a hair that was lying on the epaulet of his jacket.


On paper, Cancer and Libra have several things in common. These two signs share the need to take care of each other. They have a sense of listening, and the need to feel connected to someone. Is that enough though? In reality, they don’t quite share the same desires. It is in their privacy, above all, that things get stuck. Cancer, a sign connected to the energy of the Moon and strongly attached to its roots and home, is the type to imagine languorous cuddles in a comfortable bed. Lack of luck, Libra, an Air sign, has a vision that goes beyond borders. She is attracted by the unusual, by decadence. A bit too depraved for Cancer, Libra could feel stuck in a relationship where something is missing of surprise and excitement.


Pisces vibrates at a frequency that only it can reach. Connected to the greater whole, Pisces is the head-in-the-air, dreamer type… He lives in his bubble, cultivating the art of finding his inner peace. Unlike him, Virgo is an Earth sign. Pragmatic, she wants to be rational, almost a control freak. Too down to earth for Pisces, Virgo will find themselves facing a wall when it comes to making decisions and talking about the future. Taken by surprise, Pisces will lock themselves into a silence from which it will be difficult to break them. Enough to annoy Virgo who has inherited Mercury, her favorite planet, the gift of reflection, and the need to make plans for the future. In short, Pisces will feel pressurized by a Virgo in need of security. Virgo will end up feeling slowed down by Pisces who is incapable of expressing his desires and feelings. Lack of communication could be their downfall. A pattern that can also be found with the Leo, Scorpio, or Scorpio, Aquarius duo. Leo and Aquarius are too extroverted and too idealistic for this Water sign who likes to snuggle up in his tavern.


A small disclaimer that we thought was important to add. Astrological signs only represent a tiny part of your character. In reality, your astrological profile is much more complex than that. Your ascendant, moon sign, Venusian sign, or even the place of Juno and Vesta at the time of your birth also play a role in your way of conceiving love and relationships. This is why it is important not to stop at this simple criterion to know whether you swipe left or right. One of the duos deciphered above can also work very well and become a goal couple. It all depends on the star chart – or astral chart – of the lovers.

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