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3 Zodiac Signs You Might Think Are Insensitive

When a relationship gets serious, both partners (albeit women to a slightly greater extent) expect to hear how the chosen ones feel about them. Recognition can both take the romance to the next level and mark its end if one of the couples cannot reciprocate. But, not all people like to talk openly about their feelings, because of this they can be mistaken for cold or insensitive.

Astrologers believe that there are people who cannot confess their feelings. Most often they are found among representatives of these 3 signs.

3 zodiac signs you might think are insensitive

1. Virgo

Hearing ” I love you ” from Virgo is something akin to fantasy. Representatives of this sign respect order in everything, including feelings. Recognition from them can be expected for months, although in reality, they will be in love for a long time. Virgos need to verify the authenticity of their feelings before opening them.

They evaluate their partners by their efforts. Seriousness, care, and respect are important to them. Representatives of this sign never do anything halfway – they are used to bringing what they started to its logical end, so the long-awaited recognition sounds when they have already decided on their life choice.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios are by no means fans of change. Stability and comfort are important to them, and a declaration of love can disrupt the established order. They are in no hurry to talk about their feelings, and sometimes they deliberately prevent their development until they are convinced of the prospects of the relationship.

However, Scorpios like to appear mysterious. Even after falling in love with someone, they can carefully hide their feelings when playing with partners. Scorpios rarely talk about it first, preferring to respond to recognition if it’s mutual.

3. Aquarius

Talking about love for Aquarius is quite easy. However, representatives of this sign value their freedom and independence, and also see nothing wrong with spending their lives alone. They open only when they are completely ready for this and are not afraid that partners will limit them in anything.

Originality and the desire to be different are other reasons why Aquarians do not say the phrase “I love you.” They prefer to express their feelings in other ways, not so banal.

There are also those for whom such words long-awaited by someone are empty, in particular, for representatives of some signs of the zodiac. Lions, for example, readily confess their love even to those for whom they don’t experience anything close, either in response or to hear the same thing and pamper their ego. They need to maintain the appearance of ideality in relationships as long as they suit them, but sincere feelings are sacred to them.

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