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5 Zodiac Signs That Pretend To Care About You

Throughout my life, I have met all kinds of people. If some of them turned out to be reliable friends, I can only say about others that they disappointed me!

There are people who want to appear to be what they are not, hiding their bad intentions so well that you cannot realize them until it is already too late. There are a lot of reasons why a certain person might pretend to care about someone. It is possible that she wants to look good in front of others, not to appear weak or simply to show off.

I am not unfamiliar with a situation in which someone gave me the right answer at a given moment in public but judged me harshly behind my back. Words travel quickly and, willy-nilly, reach our ears.

That’s why knowing the zodiac signs that have this predisposition towards falsehood can be helpful to all of us.

In astrology, certain signs do just that. Which are these?


People who have any kind of emotional outbursts make this native feel very uncomfortable. Aquarius would do anything but comfort a crying friend or an angry partner. However, he would be sorry if they were cold and left when someone needed him. That’s why he will do what he can to reasonably get out of it. The problem is that this makes it seem sometimes warm, and sometimes cold.


Maybe Geminis are surrounded by people they have to take care of all the time and don’t have the energy for everyone. They say yes too often, and they promise to be there when they are needed, but they can’t be there for everyone. They love people, but can only care for a limited number. However, Gemini cares about how they are perceived and their social presence, so they will say and offer the right encouragement, even if they don’t care.


Sagittarian’s intention is only to appear to care and always have a positive attitude, even if it is not always real.

He has moods just like everyone else and sometimes he has to take care of himself. So instead of being honest and saying he needs to focus on himself, he pretends to care when he doesn’t have the energy to do so.


Virgo tends to have a lot of patience with people she doesn’t think too well of. She pretends to care for someone, but in fact, she is just waiting for her turn to prove that she is better. It may seem involved, but what it’s doing is setting the stage for grounding the person.


There is no way Leo will take care of every person who comes to him for help. Many people look to him for guidance, advice, and approval, but most of the time he is unavailable. He’s the kind of guy who says to go out for coffee every time he sees you, but never contacts you afterward to put the plan into action. There is nothing real behind his promises.

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