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4 Most Petty And Dramatic Signs Of The Zodiac

They like to play dramas from scratch and sincerely begin to believe in their performance. Such people inflate every little thing to the size of a giant elephant, and the tragedies in their lives are in the order of things.

Petty people inflate every little thing to the size of a giant elephant. They easily flare up and take offense, and also play out dramas and tragedies from any ordinary situation. The reason is their fragile ego.

Pettiness looks rude, aggressive and, to put it mildly, very annoying! Petty people pay attention to every word, look, or even gossip. They have a habit of constantly complaining and whining with or without reason.

People born under these zodiac signs are simply too sensitive – that’s what explains their pettiness. Pay attention to these 4 signs: it is possible that among them there will be petty and narrow-minded representatives.

The 4 most petty and dramatic signs of the zodiac


Cancers are often petty due to excessive sensitivity and emotionality. They are very easy to hurt, literally with a single glance, so those born under the sign of Cancer will go to any lengths to make you realize your mistake and bitterly regret it.

They will ignore you, block you on social networks, and try to make your life a living hell!


Since Leos love to shine and be the center of attention, they are often so addicted that they try to get it at any cost.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are not so self-confident inside, but they are very ambitious and will try to deal with the person who, in their opinion, prevents them from winning and shining.

They will do everything possible to make him feel insignificant, and, as soon as possible.


Those born under this zodiac sign love to keep things real and simple. They do not tolerate mind games or manipulation of people, so they stop them in the bud.

If someone hurts the Virgin, then she immediately speaks openly about it, often without choosing her words. To communicate with such a person after everything that happened – Virgo certainly will not.


Representatives of this zodiac sign are sweet, kind-hearted, and simple. But if they feel that someone has taken advantage of their courtesy and goodwill, they do not hide their emotions. Sagittarius can be very angry, rude, and cold if they get really “gotten”.

He will not openly insult or humiliate the offender, but he will show all his sarcasm and arrogance in all its glory. Sagittarius will not be lazy and will make sure that this person feels abandoned and alone.

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