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Who likes to be lied to? No one, in fact, people who don’t stop lying are really hard to love. The problem is that these people don’t care, all they care about is their own benefit and if they have to lie to you they will. Each of us has a different way of dealing with lies, but most of the time it is not correct. With the way we have to take the lies, all we do is hurt ourselves even more. That’s why here we show you how you should react to a lie according to your zodiac sign. If you want to hurt yourself less.


Aries, you only have to do one thing when they lie to you and it is very important. Aries, you have to be honest, you must bring to light everything you feel inside because otherwise, it will be much worse than you think. For you, making decisions is not very difficult due to your impulsivity. But Aries, this time all you have to do with it is learn to control it.

When you discover that they have lied to you, your temper comes out, the one that so many fear. Aries, all you want is to start a fight or return it with a lie because you know you can. But Aries, you have to try to give yourself some time to calm down and once you are, have a conversation where you can tell that person everything you have felt with his lie.


Taurus you can’t imagine that someone who loves you lies to you, but the reality is that yes. Taurus in your life there is no room for lies, so you do not understand how people can lie so easily. So serious is the lie to you, which is sometimes unforgivable, it all depends on how the lie is.

Taurus, you know that lies can hurt a lot, but you have to try to keep your head steady, without lowering your guard. A fat lie can make you sink, but you will never let others see it, so you must keep your head high and even if you are raging inside, keep calm. At least, even when you know what you want to do, forgive or cut the relationship.


Gemini, you are a person who always says what he thinks, for better or worse, but you always do it and that, everyone knows. You don’t like being lied to and when they do, you let them know. Gemini, the first thing you will want to do when you find out that they have lied to you is to send that person to hell. Gemini, that would be very predictable.

What you must do is think twice before speaking, you are intelligent and you know it. Gemini the best thing you can do in the face of a lie is to let that person know that he cannot hurt you or betray you and that if he does he is out of your life. But you have to do it in a subtle and elegant way so that they don’t expect it.


Cancer you are a person who forgives very easily, but that does not mean that you forget. It is very easy for you to ignore any lie because you know that it can generate an unnecessary bad royo, at least for you. Cancer, you hate causing problems, you can even accept the lie so that not too many conflicts arise.

Cancer, it’s time to change all that and take lies as they are, a betrayal. What you should do is not shut up and say with all education what you feel and think. Everything will depend on how big the lie is, but if it’s serious, you just have to do one thing, get that person out of your life immediately. Cancer, value yourself and don’t let them take advantage of your kindness and your ability to forgive everything.


I read when they lie to you, all they will feel is all your anger, you don’t want it, but there is no other choice. Leo, you can become the most honest person on this planet, especially with your loved ones, with all those people who bring joy to your life. For you, that people of a thousand laps to end up lying is unthinkable. Of course, Leo from a little lie you can get to make a totally unnecessary drama, but that’s how you are.

When you discover that they are lying to you, you should try to remain calm, so as not to fall into that unnecessary drama that we have already commented on. Let the other person know that this lie has hurt you, that it has damaged your feelings instead of turning everything into a soap opera and thus you would get to resolve the conflict.


Virgo, you are a person who has difficulty forgiving, especially the people who lie. You are a person who values ​​honesty, so much that even a white lie can hurt you. Virgo, when they lie to you, your mind comes into conflict because you think that maybe being honest has no value.

When you discover that they lie to you, all you want to do is isolate yourself and not know anything about the world. You think it is the best way to combat downturns. But Virgo, it’s the last thing you have to do, don’t give him the satisfaction of seeing you wrong, it’s what that person wants. Instead of isolating yourself, all you have to do is give yourself time, reflect and learn. There is nothing better in this world than learning from a mistake or a betrayal.


Libra if there is something you hate more than anything is a confrontation, you don’t like to see yourself in a fight, because you don’t know how to get involved in them. That is why when you discover that they have lied to you, the first thing you will want to do is forgive and forget everything. You think it is the best way to lead a relationship. But Libra, that is not the case, sometimes we must not forget or forgive.

Libra, when they lie to you instead of forgiving so lightly, what you should do is reflect on what makes you happy. Libra, ignoring a lie, all you will do is make one lie come after another, you are giving them the green light to do so. Libra, try to make that person see that what he is doing is not right and let him know how you feel.


Scorpio you will never miss a lie. When you find out that they are lying to you, all you want to do is ruin that person’s life and don’t discard it, but give your mind a chance. You tend to let your emotions make decisions for you, and in these cases, it should be your mind that works.

Scorpio, when they lie to you instead of destroying all you have to do is argue your truth. That way, you will leave the other person inboxes. Let that person know that you have been suffering for a while, try to reach an agreement instead of eliminating it from your life completely, at least before giving way to your emotions. Once you leave your mind to work, you decide if you want to have that person in your life or not.


Sagittarius, you don’t know how you manage, but you always end up taking everything as if it were a joke. It may be the easiest way to combat things that end up hurting your feelings. Sagittarius, sometimes you prefer not to think too much, that is, you prefer to think that lies are not on purpose, that they are a cluster of circumstances. That way there will always be some justification.

But Sagittarius, when they lie to you, especially if it’s something serious, you should take things more seriously. You should not let people who hurt your feelings be close to your life, that way all you will do is intoxicate yourself. Sagittarius, what you have to do is show your emotional side and let others know that it hurts, that you also have feelings, that you are not iron.


Capricorn, you are a person who does not miss one, and you will always end up discovering the truth, so if someone has common sense better not to lie to you. Although it is impossible to make them not do it, you know that someone will always end up lying to you, to some extent, everyone does. Even you recognize that you have ever told a white lie.

When you discover that they are lying to you, the safest thing you want to face that person, you are not an aggressive person, but when they hurt you and see that it is difficult to do so, you want them to pay for it. But Capricorn, all you have to do when they lie to you is to let that person know that you know absolutely the whole truth, and move on with your life, that person does not deserve you to be by his side, you just have to say GOODBYE.


Aquarius you hate to lie, but when they do it with you, you can feel especially petty, so that you lie to do as much damage as possible. Normally you are not like that, but when they hurt you you become. Although, everyone knows that in the end, you will end up forgiving the lie, because for you Aquarius, it is more painful to lose an important person than to forgive a lie.

Aquarius, what you have to do when you discover a lie is to give way to your heart, that way you will have the situation under control. It is very difficult for others to see you suffer, so if you open up and let your feelings come to light, the person who hurt you will feel guilty and will be at your feet. Aquarius can let your feelings out because you know very well how to separate them from logic.


Pisces you are an empathetic person, you always end up putting yourself in the place of the other. You have a gift to connect deeply with the emotions of others. This means that you can also intuit when someone is not being totally honest with you. Pisces, you have an unusual intuition and rarely confuse yourself.

When you discover that they are lying to you, the first thing you will do is blame yourself for not having remedied, you know they were doing it and you have not stopped it. But Pisces, here the only person who is to blame is the one who lies. Pisces, the most normal thing is to be upset, but do not tell yourself that you deserve it, you are stronger than you think and you must have your head high, because as you are not two.

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