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4 Most Vengeful Zodiac Signs: No Mercy Should Be Expected

Are you on this list? Do you know how to forgive? How long do you remember grievances? Or maybe you are always trying to take revenge on your offender? Each of us has our answers to these questions. However, representatives of these zodiac signs are not inclined to pardon. They will do everything to make the offender pay for what he did.

4th place – Leo

Leo is always noble and generous. By nature, he is not at all vindictive. Revenge is for the weak. However, if you offend Leo, you will be punished. He will humiliate you, trample you, and enjoy his superiority over you. So try not to spoil your relationship with Leo.

Public insults are considered his weakest point.

3rd place – Cancer

This is probably the kindest and friendliest sign in the entire Zodiac. However, he is very easy to offend. It often happens that Cancers get offended by trifles. Cancers are very worried about the offense and simply cannot let go of the situation, and therefore will try to resolve it.

Cancers develop their plans for revenge, but only some of them they put into action. After all, if you sincerely repent of what you have done and ask for forgiveness, Cancer may melt and let you go in peace.

But if you hurt someone close to him, don’t expect mercy. In this case, the holder of first place in this ranking can easily envy Cancer’s cunning.

2nd place – Aries

Hot-tempered and hot-tempered, he will not shelve his revenge. In a fit of rage, he is ready to destroy any offender. Don’t even try to neglect Aries’ feelings.

He does not tolerate this kind of attitude towards himself. Even caustic remarks addressed to him can become the spark that ignites Aries’s anger. Aries does not stand at the ceremony and immediately enters into a fight with an ill-wisher.

Aries are not vindictive and if you survive his attack of rage, then you can calmly live your life – nothing threatens you anymore. But remember that only a few can resist Aries without consequences.

1st place – Scorpio

Leaders among the Avengers. By nature, Scorpios are very sensitive to everything that surrounds them. They are kind and responsive to the problems of others.

However, if you decide to cross Scorpio’s path or try to trick him around your finger, don’t expect mercy. Scorpio rarely forgives deception and betrayal.

He will take revenge. He can even pretend that everything is settled and hide. And at the most unexpected moment, he will strike his crushing blow. So if you offend Scorpio, run as far away from him as possible!

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