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Horoscope Conquerors Of Men’s Hearts! Find Out What Are You.

So, it turns out that women conquer men. It all depends on the zodiac sign of the charming conqueror. Of course, the horoscope is a joke, but as you know, in every joke there is a share of a joke. Astrologers say that the position of the stars at our birth affects our entire life. And, having observed the people around us, it is difficult to disagree with this. For example, I recognize Lioness women literally at first sight.

Horoscope of conquerors of male hearts: So, you want to know what kind of “hunter” you are according to your zodiac sign? And what should you pay attention to so as not to get into a mess, seducing the man you like? Then read this article and cheer yourself up.

Huntress: Aries

An Aries girl should pay more attention to her curls. Every counter ram is simply obliged to understand from afar: in front of him is not someone, but a seductive dream.

Recommendations: beware of men who have a habit of counting sheep while lying in bed.

Huntress: Taurus

The main weapon of the calf is not the horns at all, but perseverance and the ability to swing their hips on the go. The main drawback is rage at the sight of other people’s red rags. So success is ensured to those who will be able to find the strength in themselves for an active mobile life and will look around less often in search of bullfighters. If you try hard, you will pick up a bull to your taste.

Recommendations: do not butt heads for no reason! Remember that Venus itself patronizes Taurus, which means there are other ways to prove your case.

Huntress: Gemini

A huntress with your level of intelligence has every chance of seducing anyone, but on one condition: if she doesn’t change her mind.

Each of the two “twins” in your head requires a separate man and is not the same as the other. Then they quarrel noisily and together choose someone third … or fourth

Recommendations: keep a diary and keep a detailed list of all your hobbies with a description of your appearance and character, otherwise you risk getting confused and being married to a stranger.

Huntress: Cancer

Men love to catch crabs. They are ready to dive for them even to the deepest bottom, so you almost do not need to make an effort to seduce them. In the company of a potential victim, do not forget to blush more often, but in no case allow yourself to be drunk with beer.

Recommendations: even walking backward, do not forget to move forward. Remember that your vulnerable essence is hidden by a strong and very (yes, very!) seductive shell.

Huntress: Leo

Well, who should be a real huntress, if not a lioness, especially a secular one? Your graceful regal tread attracts glances and desires. But there is one little catch: men are afraid of being eaten, so try to be nice to them. Or at least look like this before dinner.

Recommendations: do not eat anyone and learn to hide your claws at least occasionally. A socialite should be able to talk about food before tasting it.

Huntress: Virgo

You are the embodiment of femininity, but at the same time, you cannot sit idle and love to put things in order everywhere. Even seducing, you strive to give harmony and solidity to the relationship.

So do not be surprised if even your most passionate lovers eventually begin to behave like boring husbands and willingly prefer to spend time not in bed, but washing dishes.

Recommendations: make allowances for uncouthness to men, otherwise you risk turning from a young and beautiful maiden into an old maiden.

Huntress: Libra

Even in temptation, you are looking for the golden mean, although it is not always possible to find it. Libra girls have a hard time: men strive to pull the bowl, or even both at once.

However, for a hunter, this is more of a plus than a minus. Rely on natural sociability and non-conflict, then you can reach the heights of the art of seduction and get the most out of life.

Recommendations: do not count kilograms, but carefully weigh the situation. If you present yourself correctly, then a man will not need a makeweight.

Huntress: Scorpio

On the hunt, you are insidious and dangerous, tireless and unpredictable. You love to sing with sharp words and completely ignore the concept of “foreign territory.”

Perhaps this is the memory of the scorpion ancestors, who unceremoniously crawled into the tents and beds of the desert dwellers. A smart man will never fight a scorpion girl but will let her stay in her bed for as long as she wants.

Recommendations: plan the victim in advance and carefully protect it from your bites. Suddenly you paralyze – then why do you need it?

Huntress: Sagittarius

The weapon of the archer is the same as that of the cupid – arrows. But more often you impress men not with them, but with your energy, passion, and wit. The art of seduction is in your blood, but sometimes you get carried away and load your quiver with empty talk, empty shots.

Getting a victim is not difficult for you, but it is often not worth the spent arrow.

Recommendations: when shooting a man to kill, aim carefully and try not to hit the vital organs.

Huntress: Capricorn

Cuckolds and bearded jokes are contraindicated for a goat girl. You are sexy, persistent, and successful in every field, including seduction, but phenomenally stubborn.

Sometimes a man is forced to flee from you through all the surrounding gardens because you are unhappy with him or just decided to argue about life. True, when your anger subsides, many regret the too-hasty flight.

Recommendations: do not forget that only a few can face you head-on, and. most often, they turn out to be goats.

Huntress: Aquarius

Contrary to the name of the sign, you don’t like pouring water and are much more willing to act. You are inventive, and this gives you the most powerful tool in the art of seduction.

By lassoing a victim, you can learn Chinese in a short time, do a facelift, cook puffer fish correctly (or incorrectly), or master playing the electric guitar without the slightest damage to your manicure. Men are disposed towards you, although sometimes your metamorphoses frighten them.

Recommendations: before you shave your head or change to a Ferrari, warn your beloved about it. Not everyone can bear such shocks.

Huntress: Pisces

The success of fish largely depends on how deep they swim. If you find your life balance, then you will not be equal, especially if you manage to get acquainted with some nice and good-natured whale.

It not only protects against any possible unrest, but also feeds exclusively on plankton, so you don’t have to be zealous in the economic part.

Recommendations: slipping out of the hands of another man, take care to bypass the bait of professional fishermen.

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