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4 Most Weak-willed Signs Of The Zodiac

They just can’t refuse anyone. It is difficult for them to be tough when the situation requires it, and they often suffer from this. They are used by others because of their softness.

4 most weak-willed signs of the zodiac


You immediately notice who is who, which is why sometimes it can be so difficult for you to say “no” to a person. You tend to put other people’s needs ahead of your own, which means that despite your reluctance, you are still willing to put up with certain things.

Those born under this sign will prefer to let others do and behave as they please, but will not speak their mind and spoil people’s moods.


You have a good heart that other people can take advantage of. You want to take good care of your loved ones and make them feel comfortable with you, so you do just about anything they want. You have your feelings and opinions, but if the person you love says something that contradicts you, you will take their side.

You want to be seen as a good and caring person, so if necessary, you are ready to put your feelings on the back burner.


You sincerely want all people to be happy. And although you understand that this is not always possible, you still do your best. And if the result does not quite meet your expectations, you will consider it an adequate price for others to have a good time without unnecessary drama.


Although it is shocking, it is not surprising to anyone that you are a weak-willed person. You have high standards and are used to being critical, but you know that most people don’t listen to you at all, even if they should.

You can insist on the correctness of your advice or proposal (because you are sure of them), but if someone objects to you, you will calmly “swallow” it.

Somewhere deep down you like to get yourself into sticky situations that you can “fix” so you’ll be fine in the end.

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