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4 zodiac signs that always fall in love with the wrong person

These signs always have difficulty finding the right person. What could be the reason?

There are lots of reasons why we fall in love with the wrong people. Sometimes it can be bad luck and that’s it. But, most of the time, it’s the fact that we don’t look in the right places, we don’t know what we want or we’re afraid of loneliness.

Some zodiac signs are more prone than others to repeat the same mistakes and choose the wrong partners. They may even be aware that they are going around in circles and yet not be able to make the right choice. They are probably afraid of being alone, but maybe being alone is just what they need!

  • Here are the zodiac signs that always fall in love with the wrong person:


Geminis tend to fall in love with the wrong person all the time because they don’t know what they want in a partner and a relationship.

They like to meet new people and also have new relationships because that is exciting for them. Even if those people have terrible personalities, they stay in those relationships because they get their adrenaline rush. Maybe they know what they’re doing is wrong, but since they don’t intend to be around those people for too long, they think they can use them without anything bad happening. Unfortunately, this decision decreases their chances of finding the right person.


Virgo likes to think she makes the best decisions when it comes to love and relationships, but the reality is that she’s far too much of a perfectionist for the relationships she gets involved in to last.

She has trouble realizing that no one is perfect, and the reason why she always falls in love with the wrong person is that she convinces herself that she is not correct. Instead of learning to love someone with their flaws and qualities, they try to change what they think is wrong with that person. And when it doesn’t work out, she convinces herself that it’s not what she needs. Virgo should focus their perfectionism elsewhere, such as their career or hobbies.


Libra likes to live in her little universe where everything is perfect. He lies so often that everything is rosy, that he never sees how bad the decisions he makes are.

She tends to sweep the real issues under the rug. He is a person who avoids confrontation and does not speak up when his ideas differ from those of his partner, so he becomes passive-aggressive. When this destroys the relationship she is involved in, she looks for someone else who can satisfy her needs, instead of waiting for that one person who can satisfy her all. Libra is attracted to perfect people only on the surface!


Sagittarius values ​​their independence and freedom very much. He prefers casual relationships to settling down at his house, at least not right away. He may never want anything serious with anyone, simply because he’s not entirely sure they’re the right choice for him.

The reason he falls in love with the wrong person is that he is secretly afraid of responsibility and commitment. He believes that if he is in a relationship with bad people, nothing serious will ever come of it and things will never go to the next level.

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