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Lovesickness: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Are Still Attached To Their Ex

Every person deals with a breakup differently. These four zodiac signs are among those who carry the pain with them for a long time.

A breakup, no matter how well it goes, is never really nice. After all, you are leaving a person who you have (usually) been very close to for a long time and from now on you have to deal with living without your other half.

Each of us deals with a breakup differently. In retrospect, some are happy and full of joy for life, others just want to hole up.

Your zodiac sign can also influence how you deal with heartbreak. After all, some zodiac signs are known for their emotional streak. We’ll tell you which zodiac signs are still secretly attached to their ex.

1. Cancer: Broken heart

After separation, the heart of the Cancer-born person is irrevocably broken – regardless of whether he was abandoned or left the other person himself. Because Cancer lives its relationship with heart and soul, there is no room for half-measures with so much emotionality.

A world collapses for the abandoned cancer. After all, the zodiac sign is known for its penchant for couple behavior. If the partner who was allowed to move as far away as possible to the opposite side of the table at the table leaves, an emptiness automatically opens up that cannot be filled with anything or anything.

Luckily, crabs are so moody. So on some days, the pain of separation will be greater than on others. But he will never completely get over the matter. This is forbidden by his sentimental streak, which even years later will remind him of the happy moments with his true love.

Tip: Don’t keep things from your ex that will make it even more difficult to forget. Try to live more in the moment and less in the past – something that Cancers unfortunately have a hard time doing.

2. Libra: Hurt pride

Libras are not known for dwelling on the past for long. Relationships are no exception. Here, however, it makes a crucial difference who initiated the end of the partnership. If the scales have been abandoned, it can leave its mark.

Libra-born people are demanding and expect a dream partner where everything is right, both their looks and their character. Once they have found someone suitable, they tend to idealize their chosen one. That demands their vanity.

Breaking up with a Libra doesn’t just hurt their pride. It can throw them into an identity crisis. It becomes particularly dramatic when the abandoned Libra cannot understand the reasons for the separation. Then she feels that she has been treated unfairly and becomes bitter.

Tip: Try to talk to your partner to understand why the relationship failed. This makes the breakup easier to process. Also important for Libra: give your opinion as well. For fear of arguments, Libra-born people usually backtrack instead of venting their feelings. Something they will later regret.

3. Taurus: disappointed hope

Taurus is extremely down-to-earth and, like the other earth signs Virgo and Capricorn, plan miles into the future. You already dream of a wedding, your own home, and children and then you are blown away when your partner shatters this dream.

It is above all the disappointed hope that troubles those born in Taurus after a separation. The lovingly cultivated feeling of security is gone. The partner’s “exit” from the life pact seems like a breach of contract. If a divorce occurs, it’s even worse: the horned bull feels betrayed because it was said: Till death do you part.

Such a separation can plunge Taurus into a real existential crisis. All his actions were aimed at a shared future. Only through great willpower (and fortunately, Taurus does not lack it) can he set out on a new life plan.

Tip: Don’t lose sight of the present by making too many plans – or at least have a solid plan B up your sleeve. This will make it easier for you to get back on your feet after a breakup.

4. Scorpio: Destroyed trust

Scorpio’s resentful nature is legendary. Given his strictness and adherence to principles, it is usually he who ends a relationship. There are many reasons for this: For example, because the partner takes Scorpio’s willingness to sacrifice for granted. Or a single affair that has destroyed all trust.

The Scorpio will never forget his ex. He has far too good a memory for that. The special thing about Scorpio-born people is the dignity with which they handle the subject. Even if they were dumped, they don’t speak ill of their ex-partner. Because they don’t forget that they once loved the other person. And when Scorpio loves, it’s forever.

He is the most loyal sign of all and remains loyal even after the end. Because Scorpios are very friendly with their loved ones in relationships, they often still have friendly contact with their ex even after a separation.

Tip: Scorpios tend to be pessimistic and melancholy. Don’t blame yourself for the breakup and remind yourself of the other person’s bad sides. This could help get over the breakup blues.

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