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A storyteller who can captivate, surprise, and enchant his story is always valuable. Such a person will not be left without attention in any company, because even from a banal trip to the store they can make an epic masterpiece. From our article, you will find out which 5 signs of the zodiac circle have an incredible storytelling talent.

1 Gemini

Do not feed the twins with bread, let them discuss with others all the latest news. To maintain the authority of a companionable person and make new acquaintances,  Gemini uses all their eloquence, including telling exciting stories. The natural insight of the representatives of the sign plays into their hands. Gemini can look at any situation from a completely unexpected angle, present a story with an unexpected sauce, and season it all with a fair amount of humor. As soon as the news or suitable stories end, anecdotes come into play, of which the Gemini also has a lot.

2 Leo

Leos are destined to be the center of attention. Therefore, an exciting, emotional, and interesting story for them is just another way to get attention and keep it. Natural charisma, the ability to see a funny trifle, and carefully trained artistry work here for the image of a great storyteller. Lions never work for the viewer. They tenaciously hold the attention of interlocutors, primarily for the sake of their vanity. The impression made for the representatives of the sign is just a nice bonus.

3 Virgo

If there is a born story-maker, it is Virgo. A sharply sharpened intellect, combined with an incomprehensible ability for others to put everything on the shelves, turn their narrative into a coherent story filled with meanings and shades, humor and morality, taste and poignancy. If there are characters in this epic, they will be characteristic and elaborate, if you need to create an environment, it will be drawn in all details. It seems that Virgos come up with everything on the go – but this is not so. People of this sign think about the structure of the story in advance and lead the listener along it step by step – so that it is impossible to break away.

4 Libra

If for other signs, storytelling is a talent or even a superpower, then for Libra, it is an everyday routine and skill worked out to the smallest detail. Representatives of the sign know how to insert their story in the right place in the right situation and make it as instructive as they want. Moreover, if the facts interfere with this, so much worse for the facts: representatives of the sign can rearrange events in time as they please, omit what is unnecessary for them, including new characters that were not even close in the real event. Reliability at such moments is not the main thing, Libra is more important to impress his listeners.

5 Pisces

If you need a large-scale storyteller who can unfold a whole new universe in front of the listener and give them a stunningly interesting and unusual story to the smallest detail – look for someone who was born under the sign of Pisces. These are the most inventive writers in the entire zodiac. They can glue their story out of everything that comes to hand. And they do it so well that the listener swallows all the frills without question. Pisces subtly feel the mood of their interlocutors, so they quickly adjust the story to suit them.

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