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Characteristics Of The Signs Of The Zodiac According To Kabbalah: Who Are You According To Him?

Kabbalah is a mystical teaching and mystical practice in Judaism. It allows a person to begin to better understand himself, the reason for his appearance on the planet, in space, and the reason for everything that happens to him. Here is a characteristic of the signs of the Zodiac according to Kabbalah :

1) Nissan (Aries).

These are strong, energetic, courageous, and very assertive people. They strive to win – in any situation. They are very devoted to loved ones, ready to sacrifice their interests for the sake of their well-being.

Aries have a special energy that helps them overcome obstacles and find a way out of any situation. Their patron planet is Mars, so Aries should learn to overcome conflicts.

2) Iyar (Taurus).

Taurus is an earthly, feminine sign; it is a nocturnal constellation, warm and imbued with kindness. He has a special fire. These people are passionate, enthusiastic, and prone to creative manifestations.

They strive for stability. They have to fight with themselves, to resolve internal conflicts. Taurus is torn between the desire to be free and the desire for security and stability.

3) Sivan (Gemini).

Sivan carries the energy of the air. Just like air, Gemini is fickle and changeable, easy-going and active. They are rarely 100% satisfied with their lives.

They are driven by ambition, they strive for something better and more. Gemini is very sociable and easy to open up to people, they will succeed in areas where you need to establish contact with people.

4) Tammuz (Cancer).

This is the water element, which is under the influence of the moon. Cancers are smart and insightful people with well-developed intuition. More than anything, Cancers value home comfort and warmth.

Their main priorities are love and family values. In appearance, they are strong and reliable, but behind this shell lies a tender and vulnerable soul. People born under this sign can foresee events.

5) Av ( Leo ).

Lions are ruled by the Sun, the main planet of the solar system. These are strong and purposeful people, born leaders. They have incredible charm and charisma.

People around are attracted by the generosity, sensitivity, and sharp mind of Lviv. They cannot stand routine, love to travel, appreciate the beauty around them, want to feel like the center of the universe, and adore praise.

6) Elul (Virgo).

Virgos are ruled by Mercury, they personify kindness and justice. These are born perfectionists, idealists who constantly improve and demand the same from others.

Virgos are very selective and often suspicious, they notice flaws in everything they encounter. These are practical people, they look at life soberly and realistically, they demand order in everyday life, and they can be overly picky.

7) Tishrei (Libra).

Libra weighs every little thing, considers every word and deed, and strives for harmony and justice. These are generous and kind people, they try to treat everyone equally and benevolently.

They have many friends, they are practical and accurate, consistent, and know exactly what they want from life. They have difficulty making decisions. They tend to weigh and consider all possible options.

8) Cheshvan (Scorpio).

These are strong and mysterious people. This sign belongs to the water element. Scorpios have incredible charisma and energy. They can captivate people with their ideas.

They easily switch from one task to another. Their mood can change at lightning speed – here Scorpio laughed and joked, and after a minute he was already angry. He falls in love just as instantly but can quickly burn out.

9) Kislev (Sagittarius).

They easily make new acquaintances, are active and cheerful, and it is difficult for them to sit still. Sagittarians love adventure and love making new friends.

They constantly generate ideas, do not tolerate boredom and monotony, and come up with entertainment for themselves. Sagittarius is the soul of any company, he is sociable and friendly, and it is easy to communicate with him.

10) Tevet (Capricorn).

Capricorns value independence and material freedom. They have a strong will and determination, are not afraid of loneliness, and do not seek to start a family.

They are inherent in secrecy, Capricorns do not like to lose old friends. They despise extravagance, are very thrifty, and are very afraid of being left penniless in old age. They do not strive to be the center of attention and often remain on the sidelines.

11) Shevat (Aquarius).

Aquarius does not want to be like others, he is interested in material values and prefers to live by his laws and rules. He is very curious, he is attracted to everything new.

Aquarius has many talents, he has a good memory and intellect. He does not like it when his freedom is restricted. In this case, it becomes bold and rude.

12) Adar (Pisces).

These are sentimental and sensitive people, they know how to truly empathize with someone else’s grief. These are timid and even weak-willed people. They often go with the flow and are easy to control.

Pisces often go to extremes. They can throw a temper tantrum over the smallest of things and remain calm when danger threatens. Such people quickly find a common language with others, but it is difficult for them to understand themselves.

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