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5 most indifferent zodiac signs – they are cold as ice

No matter how hard you try to reach them, when they close in front of you they become impenetrable mysteries.
ure, these signs can be warm and human, but there are situations where you wonder if they ever cared about you. When they are angry or when they don’t feel good in a certain context, they will close themselves off from others and become completely indifferent.
They will act as if nothing touches them even when you feel the need to express your sadness and other overwhelming emotions. They will give you the feeling that you are alone, that an insurmountable wall has been erected between you.

Here are the most indifferent and cold signs in the horoscope:

1. Scorpio

Scorpio is a mysterious and silent sign, and his silence is almost violent when he is angry or is asked for something he is not willing to give. Although he is passionate and can have a hot energy, in his bad moments he is cold as ice and can make you feel completely useless and inadequate.

He will not respond to anyone’s requests, it will seem that he does not see or hear. It is possible that he closes himself completely in front of you and you feel that you cannot do anything to restore the connection with him. Give him space and help him trust you again.

3. Aquarius

Aquarians like to keep their emotions under control and would like other people to be able to do that too. They don’t like to deal with the uncontrolled emotions of others, they don’t know how to deal with a situation like this. Although they are visionaries and have the desire to save the world, it is very difficult for them to show empathy “on a small scale”. If you have a problem, don’t go to an Aquarius crying, because it won’t make you feel better, on the contrary – it will look indifferent and cold. Keep your emotions under control and ask him for rational advice.

4. Virgo

There are times when a Virgo really thinks she is the smartest person in the room and that the others don’t rise to her level. He likes to constantly learn new things and show how much he knows in a conversation. She is sociable and funny when she feels like it, but if she doesn’t feel comfortable in a social context she will become cold and almost cruel. His sarcasm will turn on and make you feel small, small.

5. Twins

Gemini can be unpredictable: now they are warm and welcoming, and in the next second they can become cold and unfriendly. If you hurt them or hurt a person they care about, they will not be completely indifferent, but will directly show their contempt. But if they feel that a person doesn’t deserve their attention, then they will be cold as ice – they won’t even bother to show you that they don’t like you. In general, if a Gemini is silent around you, it means that something is not right. Otherwise, they are funny and sociable people.

2. Capricorn

Capricorns refuse to be dominated by emotions, so they will prefer to appear cold than unstable and vulnerable. They are rational beings, who are based on facts and who only see their own goals in front of their eyes. They will be especially expeditious and indifferent to the people who prevent them from reaching their goals.

They prefer to be in control at all times and will not give it up to make someone feel better. You have to be a person with high self-esteem to be able to live with a Capricorn.

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