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Horoscope: This Thursday, March 21st Announces A Decisive Turning Point For Couples And Singles

Thursday, March 21st, 2024, things are heating up in the sky. Two planets come together to bring out the best (and worst) in our love lives. Explanations.

” Engine! » The great zodiac film officially restarts this week with the astrological new year. And that’s good when it comes to engine heating, Aries season knows it. March 20th, the day of the equinox, begins the birthday of the first sign of the zodiac, but also the new astrological year. And to get straight into it, Saturn and Venus will be conjunct between March 21st and 23rd. This means that seen from Earth, the two stars will be side by side in the sky. And not just any sky: the constellation Pisces. Do you have the impression that someone has just spoken to you in an unknown language? It’s normal. We explain to you what this Thursday means for the love life of all astrological signs.


Saturn is the star of constraints, discipline, and frowning eyebrows. His CV? “3 rings, 82 moons, and not an ounce of fun. » Fun is the prerogative of Venus, a sort of “Miss World” of the stars. His hobby? Love, beauty, small and big pleasures. Once or twice a year, they meet to inspire changes in relationships. In Pisces, this event calls into question our beliefs and our projections about others. A veil is lifted over the situation, which can lead to conflicts or a breakup.

On the contrary, this moment of truth can lead to formalization. Because Saturn and Venus have one thing in common: they both represent commitments. For singles, it’s time to have the necessary conversations. What do we want in the long term? Under what conditions? This could mean taking the next step with your crush or simply reviewing your priorities, heart-wise. But in Pisces, beware of disillusionment or even limiting beliefs that could pose false barriers between you and others. In any case, it is an important turning point, decisions are being prepared. Especially since at the same time, it is Mars (action, decision) that arrives in Pisces, to spice up this cosmic bouillabaisse. Astral turmoil that Uranus (upheavals, novelty) promises to help stir up.


  • Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius are the first to be targeted by this little celestial update. This moment could stir up a lot of things in them: their way of imagining themselves as a couple or not, of projecting themselves into the future or not. It’s time for epiphanies, for these four mutable signs. A moment that could prove particularly challenging but transformative for Virgo.
  • Capricorns, Libras, and Taurus will also be pushed to move forward. For what? The first is the protégé of Saturn, and the last two are the little favorites of Venus. For Capricorn and Taurus, it will be about accepting not being able to control everything when it comes to feelings and emotional relationships. This moment could help them see things differently, put themselves in the other person’s shoes, and truly empathize. Libra is at a crossroads in his year: decisions are falling on him in an avalanche. She will have to make choices. A sort of rehearsal for this reset that the Full Moon on March 25th will be for her. To be continued.

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