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5 signs of men who will always do what they want. They will never listen to you!

Some men will do whatever they want, whenever they want and you can’t stop them!

Either they’re against you or everyone else because they just don’t like being told what to do, or they’re doing it because that’s who they are.

You can be sure that almost always these male signs will not agree with you and will not take your opinion into account.

Here are 5 male zodiac signs that will do whatever they want, whenever they want:


I think we can all agree that Taurus is the most stubborn zodiac sign, especially when you’re trying to tell them to do something they already have a plan for.

Don’t expect Taurus to agree with you. It’s much more likely that you’ll end up arguing and creating a wall between the two of you.

Star tip: Let him do what he wants, because that’s what he’s going to do anyway, and it’s better not to start a fight.


Leo likes to think there’s a good reason why he’s always so stubborn. When you confront him, you will be confirmed for the thousandth time how proud, haughty and arrogant he is.

While it’s frustrating, it’s also admirable that a Leo is so steadfast. Sure, you might argue with him until you’re red in the face, but you still won’t be able to change him. Eventually you will start to believe that it is good for people to fight for what they believe in and what matters to them. Maybe you will even follow his example!


Like the other signs on this list, Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning that he is the one who builds and stabilizes a foundation.

While you know you can always count on him, you also know he’s very, very stubborn.

Telling a Scorpio what to do is scary or maybe even impossible. He’s a scorpion, so to touch his sensitive side is to risk getting stung. He is unique, especially when he sets his mind to something that means a lot to him. Act with caution!


Anyone who knows a Capricorn knows that he never gives up. Whether it’s something big or just a minor thing, everything has to come out just right.

Don’t expect him to be understanding and pay attention to what you say. Sure, he’s looking for some constructive advice from time to time, but even if he tells you “Good idea!”, that’s probably what he’ll be doing for the most part. He prefers to be independent, because he knows that he cannot agree with the people around him.


Aquarius is always against. He doesn’t even need a reason to do the exact opposite of what you suggest, he’ll backfire anyway. As funny as it may seem afterwards, it’s very frustrating at the time.

Aquarius is a born rebel.

He is very stubborn when told what to do, because it doesn’t seem normal to him to be told that. He simply wants to do certain things and will do them whether you agree or not.

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