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Love Forever? These Are The Six Most Unfaithful Signs

Love for life? Be careful! These are the six most unfaithful and traitorous signs. Runaway from them!

In relationships, there are those who “play” for the truth and always know what to expect, but there are also those who see lies and deception as a way of conducting their relationships.

Judgments aside, some people are more unfaithful than others and, when we talk about infidelity, it is not exclusive to love relationships. It can be present in friendships, professional relationships, and in many more situations. Of course, infidelity hurts and causes suffering, so we tell you which are the 6 most infidel signs of the Zodiac.

Love forever? These are the six most unfaithful signs


It’s true, Gemini/Gemini is known as the most traitorous sign of the Zodiac, as it feels a great need to change and all sorts of routines bother you. They are fickle; they find it difficult to focus their attention on a single objective and, therefore, end up being, easily, unfaithful to the people with whom they celebrated any commitment. As they are also insecure, they end up being enchanted by any compliments.


Aquarius natives are very afraid of deep relationships and therefore tend to avoid any kind of emotional and sentimental attachment. In addition to this emotional instability, they are super-rational and extremely cold, which makes their

For this reason, Aquarius does not believe in forever love or fidelity. As they also do not create illusions in relation to the other, they end up betraying without even feeling the weight on their conscience. Let’s say they take it for granted. It is common for a native of this sign to be better as a friend than a lover.


The Sagittarius natives are very adventurous, even in relationships. The immense will to live of Sagittarius makes it difficult to remain “stuck” to someone or something for a long time.

As they are not afraid of either freedom or loneliness, they end up risking abandoning a solid relationship for an experience, albeit ephemeral. Furthermore, as they are somewhat self-centered, this characteristic overrides fidelity and loyalty to others.


Sheep/Aries are adventurers, but they especially like to conquer. This is a stimulus that they seek incessantly and that may be at the origin of some betrayals. As they are anxious and restless, they fall in love constantly and quite intensely. They tend to be somewhat controlling, aggressive, impulsive, and very seductive, in addition to being quite unfaithful.


The natives of Libra are very insecure and truly want stable relationships that fulfill them. However, they are quite idealistic and therefore rarely feel satisfied with their relationship.

Therefore, they never stop looking for this ideal, believing that they are always in someone other than the one next to them. This perception can turn them into quite unfaithful partners who, due to their insecurity and perfectionism, end up hurting their peers.


The natives of Leo are usually very loyal and faithful, so betraying is not very common in this sign. But the bigger problem is that the passion and love of Lions tend to fade rather easily and go from great intensity to almost total non-existence. In this moment of internal conflict, the Lion is capable of committing some infidelities and giving in to some temptation.

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