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5 Signs of Men Who Will Never Say They’re Sorry

For some people, there are no excuses. I just don’t!

They might be sorry for what they did, but they won’t admit their mistakes and never say those precious words, as if an apology would change people’s perception of them and make them fall.

Saying you’re sorry doesn’t make you look weaker. Not being able to apologize is a clear sign of immaturity. If you don’t want to deal with such a man, take a look at this top!

5 Signs of Men Who Will Never Say They’re Sorry


The Gemini native is far too ignorant to apologize. He does not realize that he has done something that requires an apology.

He tends to get over other people’s mistakes pretty quickly and assumes that others do too. However, because he’s so engaging, it’s hard to stay mad at him when he forgets to tell you he’s sorry for something that bothered you.


It’s a good thing that Sagittarius is very good at communication, because they are able to come up with a variety of ways to apologize without actually apologizing. He might give you a present as a way of saying he’s sorry, or take you out on a date, anything to distract you from the fact that he can’t say he’s sorry.

The good thing is that while he won’t admit he made a mistake, he most likely won’t do it again.


If you expect an apology from an Aquarius, you need to arm yourself with a lot of patience. He will only do it under conditions where he has done something catastrophic. He tends to think he’s usually right about things and can be a bit arrogant when it comes to how clever and intelligent he is, so he won’t say he’s sorry. However, Aquarius does so many other good things that their inability to ask for forgiveness can be overlooked unless it’s serious.

Nobody is perfect!


Capricorn is quite stubborn and that is why it is so difficult for him to apologize. It doesn’t mean he isn’t sorry or remorseful, but that he keeps these things to himself. He doesn’t find it easy to say he’s sorry, and maybe apologizing makes him feel too vulnerable. If he can be guaranteed that by apologizing he will be forgiven, then maybe he would.


First of all, Scorpio does not apologize because they are not sorry. Second, he views mistakes as a learning opportunity for everyone involved, so why should he apologize for something that will most likely benefit the other person? Scorpio’s perspective is that he never does anything wrong, so why should he say he’s sorry? Especially since he is not sorry! That would be lying, and he’s not one for lying.

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