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What To Avoid For This Year 2024, Depending On Your Zodiac Sign

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Life rarely presents a linear trajectory, and this is especially evident in the field of astrology. The constantly changing movements of the stars reflect the cyclical nature of our lives here on Earth. This was the case for the 2023 cosmic predictions, and it remains true for the year 2024 as well.

Most predictions will tell you what your zodiac sign can expect in the coming year. We take it a step further by exploring what it would be wise to avoid based on 2024 astrology. With major changes in store involving Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars, there is much to discover.

Keep reading to learn about things to avoid in 2024, based on your zodiac sign. (If you know your full astrological chart, read your rising sign as well as your sun sign. Astrologers also make predictions based on your rising sign, because this location determines which areas of your life will be affected by upcoming transits.)

Here is what to avoid for this year 2024, depending on your zodiac sign

Aries: lying and not expressing yourself

The year 2023 has been a significant time for Aries. With the entry of the North Node into your sign, an important phase of growth and individualization has begun, an occurrence that occurs every 19 years. Additionally, Saturn’s plunge into the sign of Pisces has allowed you to take a step back and take care of your mental well-being. In other words, you’ve been working behind the scenes, and in 2024, it’s time to speak out.

In May, lucky Jupiter in Gemini will light up the communication sector of your birth chart, inspiring you to express your truth and expand your mental horizons. Opportunities related to writing or everyday conversations could open important doors for you. Stay authentic and don’t suppress your thoughts. However, be prepared for a noticeable drop in energy when your ruling planet, Mars, goes retrograde in December.

Taurus: Neglecting your finances.

Much like Aries, Taureans have enjoyed prosperity in 2023. Generous Jupiter has graced your sign for the first time in 12 years, strengthening your identity and self-esteem. These positive vibes will persist until May when this lucky planet heads into neighboring Gemini. During this period, you may accumulate a significant amount of money through your collaborations or professional networks.

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Additionally, powerful Pluto will spend most of 2024 in Aquarius, kicking off a 20-year cycle of transformation in your career. With so much activity in these money-related areas, it’s crucial not to neglect your finances. Taureans value stability, so avoid impulse purchases and make wise investments. Your future self will thank you.

Gemini: Limit yourself in life and love.

Speaking of central energies, Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, enters Gemini at the end of May, bringing your sign to the cosmic forefront.

This will give you a heightened sense of optimism and independence, which will offset any lingering tension in your career or public life (a salute to Saturn, which has weighed on this part of your chart since last March). Now is not the time to play small. Allow yourself to fully occupy your place in your relationships and build your confidence by prioritizing your aspirations.

However, watch out for temporary setbacks when your ruling planet, Mercury, goes retrograde. Stay vigilant, but don’t hesitate to take calculated risks to achieve your goals.

Cancer: Neglecting your mental health.

For Cancers, balance is the name of the game in 2024. The entry of the North Node into Aries last year marked the beginning of a period of significant growth in your career, a trend that continues into 2024. At the same time, the arrival of Jupiter in Gemini in May will accentuate the part of your chart associated with rest and mental health.

These conflicting energies could pull you in different directions, especially during the lunar eclipses of March and September. Finding balance is possible, but it will require you to prioritize self-care while juggling a busy schedule. Whatever you do, don’t sacrifice your mental health to meet other people’s expectations.

Leo: Compromising on your values.

Leos experienced a year 2023 that was both sweet and transformative, due to the months of Venus retrograde in their sign. What have you learned about your values ​​and self-esteem? In 2024, it is time to put these lessons to good use.

Jupiter will enter Gemini in May, emphasizing your social life. Opportunities that present themselves through friends or networking events could spark personal or creative breakthroughs.

However, with Pluto entering Aquarius, your relationships will be intensified. When power conflicts arise, stay true to yourself and don’t compromise your values.

Attention: Mars, the planet of action and ambition, will end the year 2024 by retrograding in your sign. Expect to feel some lethargy at the end of the year and avoid overworking yourself to compensate.

Virgo: Letting logistics stop you from dreaming big.

In 2024, prepare to place more emphasis on your professional activities. The arrival of Jupiter in Gemini will inject energy into your professional journey, paving the way for expansion in your career or public life. This change in dynamics can be particularly invigorating, especially in the midst of any tension in your relationships (once again, thanks to stubborn Saturn in Pisces).

As 2024 unfolds, stay open to new professional opportunities, especially through existing clients or colleagues. Pragmatic Virgos are used to focusing on details, but this time, allow yourself to dream big.

It’s completely okay to explore different perspectives to determine your next move. As always, be aware of possible minor inconveniences when your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde.

Libra: Resist change in your life and relationships.

It’s time to let go, Libra. The South Node, a karmic point associated with liberation and decline, remains in your sign throughout the year, highlighting aspects of your life that need change.

Old patterns, unhealthy relationships, negative self-talk: all of this is about to fade in 2024, especially around the March and October eclipses, which could lead to major upheavals. It is essential not to resist this wind of change.

Relationship-oriented Libras often have a fear of disappointing those close to them, but don’t let this fear hinder your growth. Plus, freeing up space in your life will open the way for something (or someone) new.

Scorpio: Isolate yourself when you need support.

Scorpios, well known for exploring in depth, may nevertheless find it difficult to adapt as Pluto moves into Aquarius.

This transformative planet will occupy most of 2024 (and the next two decades) in the area of ​​your astrological chart related to home and family. You might feel a sudden desire to renovate your space or notice an intensification of family dynamics.

The good news is that lucky Jupiter is here to strengthen your shared resources and emotional resilience. After consolidating your closest relationships last year, don’t hesitate to lean on your loved ones to find comfort during this period of change. Don’t isolate yourself, as the support of those you love can be crucial to getting through these transitions.

Sagittarius: Adopt a closed attitude towards new relationships.

For Sagittarians, connection is at the heart of the year 2024. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, will beautify the portion of your chart related to individual relationships, instilling a sense of hope and limitlessness in your closest relationships, whether They’re romantic or whatever.

This surge of optimism proves particularly crucial amid the gravity of Saturn in Pisces, which continues to weigh on your home and family life in 2024.

Jupiter being the planet of abundance, is certainly not the time to close yourself off from new relationships. Put yourself out there this year and leverage Sagittarius’ infectious enthusiasm as you explore potential partnerships or collaborate with creative minds.

Capricorn: You overinvest at work.

Capricorns are not generally known for their lightness, but that could change for you in 2024. Slow-moving Pluto will finally leave your sign, marking the conclusion of an intense cycle of personal transformation that began in 2008.

You’ve experienced significant growth, especially over the past five years, and you may feel a sense of lightness or increased expressiveness as you begin this new chapter.

Additionally, with Jupiter in Gemini, the bar will be raised in your daily life. Take advantage of this boost of energy to improve your work and well-being routines, but be realistic about your capacity. Now is not the time to overcommit to achieving your professional goals, as this could potentially harm your well-being.

Aquarius: Sabotage your personal growth.

Are you ready to harness your power? Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, will occupy most of 2024 in Aquarius. After a brief retrograde in the fall, it will remain firmly in your sign until 2043.

This exceptional transit offers a unique opportunity to make radical changes to your identity and self-esteem, provided you can resist the temptation to sabotage yourself.

Pluto also rules our survival strategies, which might make this easier said than done. Consider 2024 as a time of adaptation to this powerful change. If grudges emerge, channel them into your art or creative pursuits, which will flourish more when Jupiter enters Gemini. Use this time to strengthen yourself rather than self-sabotage.

Pisces: Neglecting your living space.

If you have experienced Saturn’s influence over the past year, express your gratitude to this planet, which entered your sign last March and will remain there until 2025. Although Saturn can be demanding, its constraints and its reality checks help you grow significantly. Having had time to familiarize yourself with this energy, you will be better prepared to handle any form of Saturnian “tough love” in 2024.

Jupiter will also be by your side. In May, the planet of luck and abundance will bring blessings to your home and family life, helping you refocus your attention on these aspects.

Don’t ignore the importance of your living space; a home that acts as a sanctuary might be just the remedy you need at this point. Pisces loves to dream, so create a mood board with your favorite decorating style and find creative, affordable ways to bring your vision to life all year long.

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