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5 zodiac signs of men who take love very seriously. They are long-distance partners!

For these men, even the first date is something extremely serious.

First dates are supposed to be fun. You meet someone during recreational activities like a hike, coffee, or a movie and then see if you continue or not. Whether or not there’s long-term potential, meeting someone and trying to bond is still an enjoyable way to spend your time. Unfortunately, some people make these meetings extremely stressful and exhausting.

In astrology, there are some zodiac signs that treat dating like a job and take things way too seriously from the start.

When you treat love so strictly, it becomes a chore. It’s much better to go into a date with an open mind and a relaxed attitude. When you do this, success is almost guaranteed. But how can you be relaxed enough if the expectations are so high?

The good part is that these male signs are the ones you can rely on for a serious and long-lasting relationship. They are not into adventures and when they get involved in a relationship, they do it forever! 

  • 5 zodiac signs of men who take love very seriously


When it comes to love, there’s a good chance that Taurus will take everything very seriously from the first date.

He researches the potential partner’s life very carefully and checks as much information as possible about her. Since it’s very hard for her to trust people, he does his homework and will find out about her past, but especially how long she’s been single and why she broke up with her ex-boyfriends. If he finds something he doesn’t like, he’ll end things immediately.


Capricorn puts pressure on himself to find the right person to live with for the rest of his life.

He may not admit it to anyone, but he even has a deadline to find his match. This puts pressure on everyone. Capricorn is used to working hard, so it is not a big deal for him to put in the effort to find his ideal partner. They don’t get involved in a relationship easily, and while they will try to have fun with that person, there will always be a seriousness to everything they do together.


The Pisces native loves to be in love and has such a big heart that he gets involved in relationships far too early.

He is simply blind when he loves, ignores any warning signs and has a special talent for justifying completely wrong or unpleasant situations. He feels a desperate need for his relationship to become a long-term one. He wants to think that the one he’s dating is the answer to all his problems.


Family and love mean everything to the Cancer native. So, a meeting is not just a meeting for him, it is the first step towards the realization of all his dreams. From the very beginning of the relationship, Cancer will imagine what his life will be like with that person. But if Cancer told her what he was thinking, she would definitely be scared. They jump into a relationship so quickly that it can make the whole process twice as difficult. Cancer needs to take a few steps back and let things work themselves out.


The Leo is very captivating, attractive and does not suffer from a lack of admirers. As much of a party person as he is, Leo feels guilty when meeting with several people at once. He wants to be sure he picks the right one, so dating multiple people is a smart tactic. The problem is that Leo takes all the meetings he has seriously. He just wants to have fun, but deep down, he wonders if that person is the one for his heart.

The fact is that once he decides on one, Leo is the best man in the world!


The Virgo native has a tendency to overanalyze everything, so it is understandable that he will be critical and very attentive to the person he meets. He tends to seek perfection and trying to find the ideal partner is not an easy task. While he has very high expectations of his potential partner, he also has some self-doubts and sometimes feels that he doesn’t live up to her expectations.

Love for him can be very stressful because it puts pressure on both him and his girlfriend.


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