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Today’s Horoscope 16th April 2023


Be careful not to give too much confidence to a person who until now hadn’t had too good words for you, and who now seems to want to gain your trust. It’s not to be trusted. On the day dedicated to rest, the nocturnal star is in the twelfth astrological house, for you Aries…


Your current optimism is almost contagious and allows you to win the sympathy of both people close to you and someone who still knows you too little. For you Taurus, an advantageous position of the Moon persists this Sunday. Your originality is a winner…


Know how to make an unpopular decision, however difficult: only in this way will you know how to get out of a situation that could get worse. On the day dedicated to relaxation, for Gemini, our satellite is in a dissonant position. You have to know how to cut the knots that cannot be untied.


Sunday sees you capable of gaining confidence with a person who doesn’t always talk about himself. On this day, a tasty position of the Moon continues, for you Cancers. There will be intimate and satisfying moments with someone many have longed for with little success.


It will be a Sunday in which, if you listen to people who know about it, you will get important advice that could change your life for the better. On the day favorable to your sign, the night star is in the astrological house of change, for your sign of Fire…


Change your mood often today and you might throw someone off, who will think you’re not sure how you feel. On the day of rest, for your sign, a difficult disposition of the nocturnal star is in progress… It will be good to show yourself more coherent, in your attitudes towards those you love.


It’s a Sunday when you can do something manual that will satisfy you a lot. Our satellite is in the astrological house of momentum, for you Libras, today. Those who like good food can successfully get behind the stove: you will make the tasters happy.


Sunday finds you the protagonist of sentimental conversations that will have long-term repercussions for your life. For you Scorpios, our satellite has an advantageous aspect today… You will be able to talk about both more mundane topics and the deepest feelings.


The Moon is in dissonant disposition, for you Sagittarius, on the day of rest… Don’t be too generous towards someone who wrongs you: it could be something to address as soon as possible. Don’t forgive everything just because you don’t feel like contrasts today.


For you, Capricorns, an easy position of the Moon continues on this last day of the weekend. You will appear rather intelligent and will be able to interpret in your favor a fact on others, guiltily, overlook. In love, you are characterized by an appreciable romanticism.


Our satellite is in your second home this Sunday. Relationships with family members become more intense and allow you to feel highly valued by your home environment. Don’t be shy and point out to the people around you that you appreciate them back.


A period continues in which you can invent something new to do. On the day of rest, for you Pisces, there is a tasty aspect of our satellite… You will be able to drag into your initiatives people who were waiting for nothing else to receive a jolt from someone like you.

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