Zodiac Signs


1 Aries

Sometimes, on big holidays, you know how to store someone else’s information. Especially if these are your secrets. In most cases, you leak dirt in a fit of rage and anger. Often this happens when, having wound up because of another trifle, you can no longer stop. Being in a state of passion, you do not control your impulses, and because of this, you can put the other person in an awkward position. After that, you can also easily write off your behavior as a state of temporary insanity and make a guilty shrug.

2 Gemini

You know how to use the truth as your most dangerous weapon, so you often embellish reality. People around do not even suspect that pure deceit is hidden behind the facade of fun and friendliness. You know how to weave intrigues and skillfully merge enemies, and expose them in the right perspective. You don’t have a habit of yelling and cursing in public, giving away someone’s secrets along the way. You purposefully reduce conversations to the topic you need. And it doesn’t matter where it happens – at a party, corporate party, or friendly gathering. To do this, you just need to casually drop a couple of well-aimed phrases, and the “wow” effect is guaranteed.

3 Scorpio

Only an enraged Scorpio can be worse than an angry Gemini. You know how to keep other people’s secrets and will not merge friends even with the most terrible torture, but if you are offended or not appreciated, you will not be silent. In this case, you use all the information you have to wipe the enemy off the face of the earth. All words and actions will be well thought out – compromising evidence will go only to the most unreliable sources, so that it will surely spread. So, other gossips do all the dirty work for you. You just enjoy the sweet feeling of revenge and watch from the sidelines.

4 Sagittarius

You love to chat and have fun, so you do not deny yourself the simple joys of life. And if for personal happiness you have to reveal a couple of other people’s secrets, without hesitation you will sacrifice the peace of those around you. The thing is that your sign is not sensitive to the feelings and values ​​of others. So half the time you give out other people’s secrets without feeling remorse, and then shrug carelessly. Friends and relatives already know that it is useless to get angry and offended at you because of your talkativeness, so they try not to let you in on their secrets once again.

5 Pisces

Pisces, like Sagittarius, in principle, do not understand the meaning of the word “secret”, so they say everything that comes into their heads. Most likely, you share secret information about loved ones and not so people not only with confidants but also with strangers. This is due to your love of communication. For the sake of a new acquaintance, you are ready to use any suitable occasion. Often, in such leaks of information, Pisces put instructive morality from the series “this is how it happens in life.”

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