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Witchcraft Power According To The Sign Of The Zodiac. The Horoscope Is Just Amazing!

Witchcraft power according to the sign of the zodiac. The horoscope is just amazing! Very unexpected and interesting. All the same, all women are a bit of a witch and this is not an empty phrase. Just don’t tell the men! The only magic is different for everyone, and sorceresses are all different. It depends on your birth number! Each of us has some kind of magic that we use every day, without noticing it. Do you want to know what your magical power is

Witchcraft power according to the sign of the zodiac:


Witchcraft power according to the sign of the zodiac. The gift of Aries is to always be in the right place at the right time. And in an unnecessary place – do not appear. Perhaps it is this gift that explains the very impulsiveness that is characteristic of all Aries girls.

So, if Aries talks nicely with you, and suddenly sends you to hell and abruptly leaves – no need to be offended. It’s better to kick your feet out of this accursed place too. It is possible that right now something will fall on your head. And the Aries girl did not warn you about this. But not out of malice, believe me. She doesn’t think about it, she just does it. And where she ran away, it must be warm and delicious.


Everyone knows that Taurus is inherently honest, kind, and noble people. Therefore, no one even guesses that the gift of Taurus is cursed. The Taurus girl never throws in her heart “Yes, so that you die!”, Because she knows: but you never know, she will take it and die. Of course, no one died. But some fell painfully from their high places solely because Taurus cursed them. That is because the Taurus girl was seriously offended by them for something.

But it is worth noting that you need to offend the Taurus girl for a long time and stubbornly, in every possible way showing that you are deliberately harming her. Yes, and the gift of their witchcraft works in both directions: it is not difficult for Taurus to conjure all the blessings of life to their loved ones. For good people, nothing is a pity!


The twins are masters of what is considered not quite magic. Gemini girls are born hypnotists. Real, let’s not be afraid of this word, puppeteers, capable of subordinating others to their will and forcing them to do what the Gemini wants. Luckily, Geminis usually don’t like anything really bad. They usually like to have fun. So, if you drank alcohol with a Gemini girl yesterday, it’s better to hide to hell this morning. And change your last name just in case. And the country.


Cancer girls have the sweetest and kindest gift: they have a light hand. Whatever they undertake, they do everything easily and naturally, and also very, very beautifully. Cancers especially like to rule the world of plants and heal the sick. And if the Cancer girl does not have a personal garden, then she will plant gardens for herself on all the windowsills. And if she is suddenly not a doctor or a nurse, then she will still treat everyone around. And everything will work out for her: a dry stick stuck into the ground by her hand will bloom the next day, and some sick comrade from her tender care will instantly rise to his feet and run about his business. Although, perhaps, he will simply run somewhere far away from this most tender care. Which, to be honest, is too much.


Lionesses always play for high stakes, and this also applies to magic. Any nonsense such as clairvoyance and the gift of predictions does not interest them, this is petty. Lionesses can send requests to the heavenly office directly. Without shaman dances with tambourines. The lioness simply wants something, and the dear universe immediately sends it all to her. But only the Lioness gets it. It is not given to fulfill other people’s desires. And she didn’t want to.


The gift of the Virgin is telepathy. Virgos read other people’s thoughts like an open book, and not only thoughts: some still don’t even have time to think about anything, and Virgo already knows what they, firstly, will think now, and secondly, they will do later. And she even knows how.

True, they despise people with mystical thinking and do not believe in magic. They believe that if everyone took off their eyes and began to use their heads for their intended purpose, then there would be only telepaths around.


But Libra girls are real seers. Libra knows this, and therefore they are happy to take on the interpretation of dreams, and fortune-telling on cards and coffee grounds, and are ready to prophesy to everyone who wants it completely free of charge, out of the kindness of their hearts. But we, frankly, do not recommend contacting Libra on these issues.

Because Libra predicts nightmares, local apocalypses, pestilence, hunger, fear, and plague for everyone. And they never predict anything good. Not because Libras are gloomy types, but exactly the opposite: Libra girls love good news and want all good things to remain a surprise. Otherwise, in their opinion, it is not interesting.


Everyone knows that Scorpio is the most mystical sign of the zodiac, and everyone believes that Scorpio girls are real witches. Only no one understands what it means. And the gift of Scorpio is to command evil spirits. No, of course, there are no evil spirits: no brownies, no goblin.

But this does not happen to all other signs, and Scorpio has a whole pantheon of internal demons. And our happiness is that the Scorpio girl usually manages to keep them in check. Because when her inner monsters break free, the terrible begins.


The gift of Sagittarius is to make dreams come true. Sagittarians have a whole catalog of beautiful, detailed pictures in their heads that always become reality. Sooner or later, anyway. And therein lies the problem. Because the Sagittarius girl doesn’t need to be late, and otherwise she doesn’t want to either. But nothing can be done about it.

But, unlike Lionesses, Sagittarians can embody other people’s desires. True, they also have their picture of other people’s desires. And there is nothing to be indignant, she sees it so!


Capricorns and magic are incompatible things. Firstly, not a single Capricorn girl believes in all this nonsense, and secondly, even if she suddenly believes, she still does not understand why this is necessary. Where is the guarantee that it will work, huh? No guarantee? Goodbye. And they are completely invulnerable.

No terrible witchcraft works on them. Even a scorpion. Simply because how can something that does not exist work?


Aquarius has an unusually tender relationship with omens. Aquarius believes in signs that promise good, and they certainly come true. In addition, Aquarians know how to come up with their signs literally out of the blue – at the very moment when they need luck for some reason.

But the bad omens of the Aquarius girl come true, but not like everyone else. But because she interprets them unambiguously: this is for money. The cat crossed the road – to the money. The mirror is broken – for money. And by the way, this also comes true.


The Gift of Rybok is love magic. Not a single Rybka knows how to cook porridge, borscht, and compote: no matter what she cooks, a love potion of deadly power still comes out. For some, it’s enough not to even try, but to smell it once – and that’s it, the client is ready. Now he will follow Rybka all his life, mumbling enthusiastically and rolling his eyes ridiculously, being distracted only by making money: Pisces’ love potion works just like that.

Bewitched, firstly, in principle, does not see other young ladies, and secondly, expresses his feelings in a material equivalent, showering Rybka with gifts. Because Rybka will not endure fools in love just like that, without gifts!

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