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6 male signs that have extremely violent starts

Aggression cannot be kept in check by anyone. There are certain zodiac signs that have extremely violent starts, either they can’t control themselves or they just don’t want to!

We all have bad moments, we all get angry or argue. However, it is a harsh reality that there are people who cannot control their violent outbursts, be they verbal or physical.

  • Signs that have extremely violent starts


Aries is the sign of war, fighting, and, of course, violence. Therefore, it is not surprising that it ranks first in the list of zodiac signs with the greatest predisposition to violence. He wants victory at any cost, and that doesn’t usually happen through love letters. Aries is the kind of parent who attends their child’s soccer game and then ends up getting into a fight with another parent because they don’t agree with their child.

He can also be violent with his life partner both verbally and physically.


Taurus is not excessively violent, but they resort to aggression in certain situations. When his words and peaceful attitude get nowhere, there’s always a backup plan that involves violence. This is his ultimate way of solving problems.


Leo is another sign that hesitates to resort to violence but uses it every chance it gets. With people, with things, and with life in general.

His characteristic impatience often leads him to the brink of madness and frustration. When he gets into that state, he’s the kind of man who tends to punch walls, tear up documents, or lash out at people around him. He doesn’t plan these violent acts, but he doesn’t regret them either.


Virgo would not lift a finger at anyone but will consider all kinds of acts of violence in the most vicious way possible. The hatred he feels is what makes his blood boil. She hates people, imagines their death, and secretly prays for their disappearance.

Sometimes, he can even say it out loud and with harsh words.


Scorpio makes an art out of violence. He doesn’t want to cause pain but will be happy to ruin someone’s life if allowed. He is not a fan of violent physical or verbal outbursts at the moment, because he considers them too easy and temporary solutions. He wants to destroy someone’s life, slowly and surely.


Sagittarius is an expert at torturing those who have wronged him. If you’ve hurt a Sagittarius, you may never pay enough for your mistakes.

He outlines a plan that contains visual images of your suffering, a plan that he gets to implement at some point. Mental torture is his favorite!

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