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6 zodiac signs that don’t know how to say NO

Have you ever been asked or asked something and couldn’t say no, even if you knew that what would follow after your acceptance would not suit you at all?

You calmly say yes, but you’re terrified that the situation will drive you crazy. This is a common reality for certain zodiac signs.

People who can’t say NO do so for many reasons, but the most important is fear of rejection. This NO can cause disappointment and resentment in the person you say it to, causing them to dislike or even hate you and cut you out of their lives. Not everyone reacts well to rejection.

If the fear of confrontation is your main concern, then you are prone to say yes, even when you want to say no.

What are the zodiac signs that don’t know how to say NO?

Aries Aries

wants to please everyone. Yes is a perfect word for him because he is a very ambitious and positive sign. He suffers enormously when he has to say no, even though he knows it’s the only answer he can give. He will not risk being rejected, so he will try even harder to please others.


Capricorn always wants to get things done, so he’s a Yes man.

He knows that the only way he can get what he wants is to make sure everyone is happy. Capricorn might think you’re the worst person in the world, but if you do your job well, he’ll say yes, yes, a thousand times over. He won’t say no to someone who works hard, whether he agrees with him or not.


Cancer can’t say no because they don’t believe in this no. He strongly believes that anything is possible. It’s about facts here, not words. If you ask him a question that can be answered with a simple yes and no, then he will say yes and make it so. Cancer rarely sees anything as impossible.


This friendly sign fights for the approval of those around it non-stop.

It’s like a job for him. He works hard to make friends and maintain relationships with them, even if it means that he sometimes has to please them despite what he wants. This native would rather do something terrible with a friend than tell him “No, I can’t do that with you.”


When Libra is afraid and has low self-esteem, you can get anything from her. In her mind, she may not agree with you, but she will give you a big yes no matter what you ask. Libra constantly lies and does it to hide its vulnerabilities.


As the king of the zodiac, you certainly didn’t expect him to be on the top of the signs that can’t say no. In his case, the reason is quite selfish. The world is a stage for him, and every request or request he receives is yet another opportunity to show his supremacy.

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