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6 zodiac signs that run away from relationships. They dread the idea of ​​getting close to anyone

Of all the things that scare people, you wouldn’t think relationships would be one of them. Connecting with someone on an emotional or intimate level can be terrifying, and there are people who will do anything to avoid it!

Of course, for the zodiac signs who fear such a connection, there are a lot of other things that come with it. What kind of relationship did they have with their parents? What was the environment like in which they grew up? What kind of emotional disturbances did they experience as adults?

If you have been disappointed and suffered, whether it was in a love relationship or a friendship, you will surely be very hesitant to reveal your vulnerabilities in front of anyone. People who have gone through such unpleasant experiences find it hard to trust anymore, and sometimes they simply do not have the time and energy for tests or to look for evidence that the people around them are trustworthy

If it’s easier for them to get through life running away from involvement and relationships, you have to respect that. You can’t force them! 

  • 6 zodiac signs that run away from relationships


With the relationship comes feelings and emotions, and this is not at all comfortable for Aquarius. It is challenging for him to express his own feelings, and it becomes even more difficult for him when someone he cares about is emotional or sensitive. The Aquarian’s objective when someone approaches him is to distance himself, not a good method if someone needs his support and care


Geminis are afraid of relationships and intimacy because they are afraid of silence.

Being so familiar with someone that they don’t need to speak or do anything terrifies them. You can have a peaceful relationship with someone without having to entertain that person. Gemini secretly worries that if they don’t talk, they’ll lose what they value most: the gift of communication. 


Capricorn sometimes uses work as a way to avoid complications. He’s afraid that he’ll do something wrong if he’s in a relationship, or worse, that he’ll get hurt. They are stubborn and once an idea gets into their head, it will be hard for them to get it out. Capricorn is very cautious when it comes to relationships.


Libra runs away from relationships because they feel they are not good enough or too shallow for a deep connection.

She knows that sometimes she lets herself be enchanted by physical beauty and worries that she is blind to inner beauty. Libra pretends everything is fine just so there’s no conflict, and isn’t sure she can be honest, real, and natural enough to have a close connection with someone. 


Aries is worried that if he is in a relationship with someone, he will get bored. It is hard for him to believe that spending a lot of time with someone does not lead to boredom and monotony. What they need to remember is that having a connection with someone makes a relationship deeper and that can make it even more interesting.

The more he gets to know someone, the more surprises are in store for him.


For Sagittarius, relationships come with commitments, and that’s something scary for him. He doesn’t want to make promises he’s not sure he’ll keep. He hopes that he will be strong enough to deal with the problems, but there is a part of him that would rather disappear than have to face the hardships that come with any couple.

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