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6 zodiac signs with which you cannot form a true friendship. Don’t rely on them!

You don’t need them in your circle of friends, because they will only bring you problems, inconveniences and disappointments!

Aloyal and valuable friendship is something we all want. Those who have a “best friend” in this life are truly lucky. Finding true friends is always a challenge, and until we find them, we’re sure to meet all kinds of people along the way.

In astrology, there are some zodiac signs that were not born to be good friends. All I can offer in a relationship is doubt, lack of trust and disloyalty. When a friend turns out to be a false friend, it hurts, but it’s a lesson we must learn if we don’t want to be endlessly disappointed.

  • 6 zodiac signs with which you cannot form a true friendship



No one can be a worse friend than a Gemini native.

He is a traitor and a great gossip. No one can count on him and he always keeps people waiting. He doesn’t get involved in the friendship and doesn’t jump in to help no matter what. 


Everyone wants to be friends with a Sagittarius, but he doesn’t want to be friends with anyone. He tries to make friends because he thinks it might be interesting, until he realizes that it comes with responsibility and commitment. Once he’s in the game, he’s out. He doesn’t want to deal with another person’s mental and emotional state.


Virgo is a pretty good friend to those she loves, but they are so few.

It’s like someone has to draw the winning lottery ticket for her to like him. She is very special and lively when it comes to her friends, but when she thinks things are getting boring, she has no qualms about trashing her friends. 


Aquarius is not too impressed with the idea of ​​friendship. They would rather live in a fantasy world where friends are characters who remain forever teenagers. He also doesn’t understand the way of thinking of those who think that friendship has to be something forever and that it involves so many things. When someone refers to him as a friend, he goes out of his way to make sure he knows he can’t be relied upon.


Libra is a nice and kind person when things are shallow and without responsibilities. But, it changes radically when real feelings arise. That’s when he reveals his true colors and tends to run away from a friendship when he needs it the most. As a friend, she is very demanding and has very little concern for anyone but herself.


Cancer is really good at pretending about this whole friendship thing, but really, it’s all about the benefits. If he can get money, fine, if he can get anything for free, even better, but there is no friendship for him unless the other person pays him for it.

He likes to pretend that he is the perfect friend, but who really knows him, knows what his skin can do and what his intentions are.

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