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7 Reasons Why Cancer Is The Best Zodiac Sign

If you have had Cancer in your life, you probably consider him one of your most loyal friends. As the 4th sign of the 12 signs of the zodiac, anyone born between June 21st and July 22nd is a Cancer. As a water sign, Cancer understands deep emotions and takes time to process, but on the outside, it can appear calm. Although Cancer coincides with the hot summer season, they have a very calming, cooling effect, just like their water element. The symbol of Cancer is the crab.

This zodiac sign may seem harsh on the outside. But they hide most of their vulnerability inside. Before we get into the reasons why Cancers are simply the best, we’ll tell you a little about this water zodiac sign.

Cancer Facts

  • Element: water
  • Polarity: Negative (refers to yin and yang, Cancer reflects yin or more hidden passive qualities)
  • Quality: leaders
  • Symbol: crab
  • Mantra: I feel
  • Ruling planet: moon
  • Ruling House: 4th
  • Birthstone: ruby
  • Core Qualities: Intuitive, Emotional, Caring, Passionate

1. They make compassionate leaders.

Although Cancerians may seem passive, they have great leadership qualities. They use their intuitive, emotional nature to deeply understand people and situations, which gives them great insight when solving problems. Cancers think with their hearts, not their heads, and although it may seem unreasonable, their compassion takes them far in life. They make sure that everyone is satisfied because they genuinely care about the well-being of those around them. Cancer uses its emotional acuity to take care of people’s hearts. You may see them in professions such as consultant, horticulturist, political positions, artists, musicians, or nurses.

If you need to be heard, you can count on this sign. They will drop everything they do to help you because that is what they do best. They live to serve others and help others when their loved ones or friends are having difficulties in life, and therefore we consider them the best sign of the zodiac (and their friends will completely agree with this). No one can console others like Cancer, because they know how to look into people’s hearts and give wonderful advice. They want to make others happy no matter what.

2. Cancer – the voice of the mind.

Despite their deeply feeling nature, they will not hesitate to tell you the truth about the situation. Don’t underestimate Cancer’s ability to reason. They are slow to respond, taking all the information to come up with the best solution for everyone involved. Perhaps their maternal nature allows them to give good advice. With a prudent approach to life, Cancer will bring you back to earth if you spend too much time flying in the clouds. This zodiac sign can help calm your anxieties and fears by using its water element to cool you down and calm you down.

No matter what life throws at you, Cancer will come to your rescue and will do whatever it takes to make you feel better. Cancers are deeply sensitive to the feelings of others, and many consider themselves empaths because of this. They can easily put themselves in the place of others and see different sides of the situation. Their friends usually call them first when they are in trouble.

3. They are not afraid of deep emotions.

No one knows emotions like Cancer, which is why they don’t shy away when others express their deepest feelings on a particular topic. Ironically, Cancerians don’t usually show their emotions unless they truly trust you, so if they happen to bare their soul, take it as a huge compliment. Cancerians would rather listen to other people’s problems than share their own because they often feel so deeply about everything that they find it difficult to put it into words.

However, because of their deep understanding of the conditions of human life, they become the best listeners and advisers. You can always count on them to offer a shoulder to cry on. Cancerians will encourage you to pour out your feelings and will never judge you for them, because they would rather have you vent than hold back your emotions.

4. They pay attention to detail.

Of all the zodiac signs, Cancers pay the most attention to detail. Even when it seems to you that you are just chatting and they have lost interest in the conversation, they pick up subtle hints and unspoken words. This is the sign most likely to surprise you with your favorite dessert after a long week at work or buy you a thoughtful gift for nothing. Cancerians love to get to know people from the bottom of their hearts, and thanks to their attentive nature, you will always feel loved and listened to by them. They hate to see others upset and will do their best to keep you happy.

5. This zodiac sign is very strong mentally.

Don’t underestimate the power of Cancer. Although they have a lot going on inside, they are unlikely to show it to loved ones. They don’t like to feel vulnerable, so they present their tough crab shell to the world most of the time. They have a violent nature, but on the surface, they seem calm, like their water element. Always level-headed and collected, they stand firm for themselves and the people they care about.

Cancers don’t like to burden others with their problems, so they go out of their way to solve them internally while remaining determined and steadfast. Their emotions fluctuate with the lunar cycle, but they have an outward determination that many of their friends admire. You can always count on Cancer to stay strong in the face of adversity.

6. They are very loyal friends.

Caring and compassionate Cancer will never leave you if you have earned their trust. They need time to open up, but once they feel comfortable, you will make a friend for life. No matter what time of day or night, this zodiac sign will come to your rescue when you need them most. They will never leave you in a difficult moment, no matter what you are experiencing at the moment, because they know what it is like when people leave them.

Although Cancerians usually live alone or have a small group of friends, they don’t take their friendships lightly. Usually, friendships and romantic relationships are most important to them, as they prefer to have deep and strong bonds with people.

7. Cancers will always protect you.

This zodiac sign is very protective of their loved ones, so don’t mess with their friends and family. If you threaten their friends or family, then you will not be very well, beware of the wrath of Cancer. To most people, they appear sweet and gentle, but they will not hesitate to show their cruelty to anyone who threatens them or their loved ones. Being in the company of Cancer means always feeling safe because you are the whole world to them.

Cancerians make best friends and partners because of their caring and compassionate behavior. They may seem quiet and shy at first, but once you get to know them, you’ll have a friend for life. Cancerians have huge hearts and often put others before themselves. They love to love, and in their company, you will always feel safe and secure.

Cancer will recognize you comprehensively and will listen to your every word during a conversation. They value deep relationships and are not interested in short or superficial connections. When they open up to you, it means they truly trust you to reveal their deepest secrets.

Cancer will give people many chances because they know that people make mistakes and don’t judge them for it. However, if you’ve lost their trust, don’t count on getting it back. They have a condescending nature, but they do not allow people to sit on their necks. Crayfish are very much like cuddly, soft teddy bears inside, despite their wary and tough appearance.

They will give you all their strength in friendships and relationships and will never leave you when you need them. If you have Cancer in your life, consider yourself lucky because you will never meet anyone like this zodiac sign.

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