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7 zodiac signs that don’t trust themselves at all. The balance is at the top!

These signs are so insecure that they don’t deserve good things to happen to them!

Everyone has doubts from time to time, but there are people who are tormented by this feeling constantly. They believe that any success they have had is not due to their abilities, but because they somehow managed to fool others.

This psychological phenomenon is known as the impostor syndrome. People suffering from this syndrome fear that all their achievements are based on pure luck and that their abilities have nothing to do with it. It is almost impossible for them to enjoy their success, this affects the way they evolve. However, there are solutions to solve the problem. These signs need to practice self-care, show compassion, and list their accomplishments on paper to truly realize them.

  • 7 zodiac signs that don’t trust themselves at all:


Libra finds it hard to enjoy their own success and accept praise.

She’s the one who always dismisses a compliment on a job well done, saying it’s someone else’s credit and she only had a small input. Libra downplays everything because it has trouble believing in itself, in its talents and abilities. It may seem like a superstition, as if she is proud of what she has achieved, the luck will disappear. 


Capricorn works and thinks too much. He’s the type of person who tends to keep going and put time and effort into something that other people would have given up on long ago. There are times when Capricorn purposely avoids showing that he’s confident because he doesn’t want others to think he’s bragging or that he’s too full of himself.


Leo doesn’t want to be okay or good, they want to be the best.

If he does everything better than anyone else, no one will notice his shortcomings, or so he thinks. Leo has an extremely strong drive to be in charge. If the Leo is in a group of other excellent people, he has to stand out somehow. No matter how high he gets, Leo will always have secret doubts that he is not worthy of that place or position. He credits his engaging personality to his success rather than any kind of skill or effort. 


It’s been said countless times that Virgo has impossible standards, but no one is more likely to suffer from impostor syndrome than someone as much of a perfectionist as her, who then punishes themselves for falling short of their tasks. If Virgo does something that doesn’t come out perfectly, she considers it a failure. It’s a never-ending negative cycle that puts a lot of strain on her emotional health and self-esteem.


Sometimes Taurus’s fear of failure paralyzes him. The better Taurus is at a project or in life, the greater the stress on them. His expectations affect everything he does. Like everyone else, the Taurus always wants to be successful, but they are afraid that everything they have achieved could disappear in an instant.


Geminis tend to sell themselves short because they feel like they don’t really deserve the awards they’ve gotten. Gemini believe they got where they are because of their charismatic personality. While it’s true that their personality is very attractive and can take them far, that doesn’t mean they don’t have skills and talents that back up their charm. Gemini should have more confidence in their own strength and realize that the success they have achieved is their merit.


Pisces feel like imposters all the time, especially when it comes to something creative they’ve done. Sure, they can pretend that they have confidence in themselves and their abilities or make it seem like it’s their credit, but that’s not what’s really going on. In themselves, they do not think they are that good, and the triumphs and awards they received were a mistake or sheer luck.

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