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A Bad Period Starts in March for These Zodiac Signs – What to Expect?

Our daily life is influenced by various factors and parameters inherent to our personality but also dependent on the impact of the stars. Saturn’s move into Pisces during the upcoming month of March could just bring about some change in our lives. At the heart of all this movement,  3 signs of the zodiac will, unfortunately, be affected by an astral influence that does not delight. Fortunately, the ins and outs of their month depend only on planetary influences! They will have to rely on their strength to counter the challenges they are about to encounter. This is the only way to survive this complicated month.

A negative period starts in March for these three zodiac signs


What to say about the emotions of the zodiac except that the course of their month will depend above all on their way of containing their sensitivity?  These can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. In some cases, it can be the trigger for a difficult situation that can spiral out of control.

Self-control is therefore the decisive quality of March that seems hostile! But the key word here is “seems”. Although the coming weeks are not in their favor, there is nothing to make a drama out of it, if they know how to tame themselves. In addition, there are always leeway and ways to reverse situations. Their sense of observation and a certain quality of patience is therefore more than ever required. With such a posture, they will realize that the hostility was only superficial. And even if it is legitimately threatening, it is possible to avoid the unpleasant feeling of helplessness.

Be that as it may, we can only advise them to become aware of their impulsive responses to better manage their daily lives. It is in this way that they will be able to act according to the situations in place and their aspirations and conditions. All these things apply just as well to the love context because, with the Venus and Pluto collision, their love relationship can turn into a real game of patience… Again, mastery, mastery, and again, mastery…


If we are told that the first month of spring will be particularly bad for Sagittarius, we can give in to stereotypes and ask ourselves: “Is it a lack of adventure or too much adventure that will sabotage their month?”. The answer is probably between a yes and a no.

On the one hand, there won’t be one event in particular that will overwhelm their free and adventurous spirit. On the other hand, it will probably be their entourage who will take care of it because of a few clashes. And these altercations could prevent the natives of Sagittarius from savoring all the things that drive them and all that makes them vibrate. They won’t be able to explore new experiences, meet new people, or see the country without peace of mind. They will first want to save the furniture, and safeguard their social life before “taking off”.

Because they may have forgotten how to maintain relationships with loved ones they end up holding it against them. Friends, relatives, and even colleagues resent their lack of consideration. We find them too selfish, too distant, or even too free. We might even end up turning away from them and turning them into outcasts.  And that’s the last thing a Sagittarius would want to go through! To prevent this unfolding to which Saturn in Pisces contributes, one avoids being a Sagittarius who pours into the excess of his nature. Because yes, while it’s important to be reasonably selfish,  aloof, and free, you have to make sure that the word “too much” doesn’t precede their dominant character traits. It’s all about measurement…


As for the representatives of the sign of Aquarius and what their daily life will look like governed by the transit of Saturn in Pisces, things seem complicated. The individual steeped in originality that is Aquarius will lead a war against the most difficult of his adversaries and who is none other than himself. It is for this reason in particular that March is perhaps the one that will seem to him the most painful of all.

Plagued by regrets from the past, they might struggle to navigate their way through what they’ve always wanted to achieve. It can be difficult for them to move towards achieving goals or fully appreciating the present moment and moments of lightness. With their torments, a break with a loved one cannot be ruled out, making everyday life even more difficult to endure. If they do not allow themselves the latitude to reconcile with themselves, the reproaches they have kept silent will come out with a bang… Paradoxically, this painful reaction can turn out to be a liberating trigger that heralds saving healing for the soul and mind.

Of course, these painful reproaches for those who pay the price are not to be applauded! However, Aquarians can reassure themselves a little bit because this explosion is inevitable. After all, if they contain themselves too much, the reason is left behind. Fortunately, the hurtful episodes will give way to a reconciliation with the people involved in their pain, which will put some comfort in their hearts. And even when their relationship is falling apart, it’s time to come to terms with yourself and get back on your feet! Slowly but surely.

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