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All Signs Of The Zodiac Take Revenge In Their Way. Here’s What To Expect From Your Ex

Revenge is a dish best served cold! But all zodiac signs take revenge in their way. And if you are afraid of someone, it’s time to find out what he can cook for you.


They do not know how to intrigue, but they act and they do not care who started it first. They can hit, burn the things of the wrong partner, throw them through the window, or cut the tires in the car.


If you steal their things, cheat in business, or “steal” a partner with whom they have invested a lot, Taurus will hit the things that matter most to you. Their revenge can last for years.


If Gemini wants revenge on you, you can only change your name and run away to the other side of the world. Because all your secrets will be told to the whole world.


Their revenge can be something really scary. If they are hurt, they can attack even after a couple of years. They will take revenge not only on you but also on your descendants for the mistakes of their ancestors.


Lions will not show that they were hurt. They will proudly hold their heads. But they will prove in front of everyone that you are incompetent and ridiculed.


They plan revenge down to the smallest detail. Virgos will deftly set traps for you and accurately determine your goals. And you will not even guess about all this.


They are difficult to provoke revenge. If they decide to take revenge, it is done with the help of other people. But Libra is fair, and sometimes they will not cross the line.


They patiently wait for the right moment to attack, gathering all the information about you and looking for a lead. Scorpions will play cat and mouse with you for a long time.


Sagittarians are creative in everything. Their revenge is a challenge, an open competition in something. And here it is better to give up immediately.


Capricorns will start billing you, listing all your losses and failures. They will torment you for a long, long time, get you, or even drag you through the courts. Meticulous to horror!


The only way to be truly free is to forgive and forget. Aquarians do this, but at the same time, they will put your phone on all possible blacklists.


They feel great in the role of a victim, they like sympathy. Pisces also believe in karma. But if fate is not in a hurry, then they take revenge with black magic, curses, and voodoo needles.

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