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April Mantra. The Sacred Words That Help You According To Your Zodiac Sign

The month of April is, from an astrological point of view, a big mess, and that’s why its mantra is all the more important. Eclipse season is in full swing, preceded by the Moon in Libra at the end of March and topped off by the total solar eclipse on April 8th in Aries, when we receive the energy, strength, and determination to transform a dream into reality.

Yes, Mercury is in retrograde, and the stores of patience are diminishing as you can see, but there are still 10 days to come in which, if you intelligently manifest the powers of the eclipse, you will evolve enormously. Look back in 6 months at the next eclipse and you will be amazed at the wonders you have accomplished.

Other events of the month? A beautiful coordination between Jupiter, Uranus, and the Sun, all in Taurus. It’s a rare alignment on April 20th, when you absolutely must take the initiative in that barely murmured dream during the eclipse. The enormous weight of this cosmic event will charge your initiatives with astonishing power.

The end of the month captures Venus in Taurus and Mars in Aries. Why is it important? Because these planets perpetually “in love” with each other are each in the sign they rule. Therefore, we feel at ease, and we live with the impression that what was more difficult has passed.

What mantra best encapsulates these events? Here it is the mantra of April according to the sign!

ARIES. For you, the celebrant of the season, the month of April is an occasion of rebirth and cosmic revitalization. With the solar eclipse in your sign, but also with the North Node crossing your constellation until 2025, you can be sure that the seeds you plant now will bear fantastically beautiful fruit in the coming months.

Of course, it’s not all rosy, as Mercury retrograde and “wounded” healer Chiron bring old wounds to the surface and peel the scab off. But the month ends with fighter Mars, your ruling planet, entering your sign, and you remember that you are not the “leader” of the zodiac for nothing, you have a consuming fire inside you. Taurus season brings peace.

Shape this state of peace even when the stars shake your traumas, bringing together three candles: one white (for calm), one golden (for optimism), and one black (for banishing negativity). Light them at the same time and then meditate, conjuring in your mind the things that make you happy. All that remains is to say the mantra:

April Mantra: I plant the seed of my evolution, and the fruits will grow beautifully, blooming in material and spiritual abundance.

TAURUS. March’s Libra Lunar Eclipse was something of a “black night of the soul” for you, and that’s because it plunged you into darkness, questioning matters of spirituality. But Aries season has arrived, the last days Jupiter spends in your sign, and you’ve learned to bring your demons to light. But use the solar eclipse to continue looking within yourself, letting go of what no longer defines you.

Because it’s Mercury retrograde, make peace with the toxicity before banishing it so it doesn’t come back in another form, in other retrogrades. April 20 is the magical day when you are overwhelmed with blessings, but don’t look at them as a show of heavenly luck, but realize that you deserve them. Once Venus moves into your sign (April 29), you’ll be glowing with delight.

To intensify this aura of happiness, perform a simple ritual for pure joy. All you have to do is combine the petals of a dandelion with a teaspoon of oregano, a teaspoon of cinnamon, a teaspoon of thyme, and a few drops of essential pine oil. Chant the mantra below as you breathe in the joy-bringing scent:

April Mantra: Let go of the old and embrace the new, knowing that I have within me the most precious guide.

GEMINI. For you, Mercury retrograde is even more potent than for others because it is your ruling planet. Being in Aries and affecting the friendship sector, don’t be surprised if you won’t be in the mood for anyone. You have the impression that no soul understands you. The eclipse accentuates these sensations and you can let go of relationships that no longer define you.

Don’t be afraid, during the next 6 months, you will make new friends. Taurus season and especially April 20th is charged with vibrations and will complete your healing journey. Pay attention to what is happening inside you. The Full Moon in Scorpio accesses the sector of intimacy and outer resources.

Also, perform a ritual to manifest a friendship: light a white candle, then write on a piece of paper both the qualities you want in your friends and what you bring to the relationship. Then put it in an envelope that you seal with candle wax and keep with you on the day of the Eclipse. Also then, repeat the mantra:

April Mantra: I remove the weight of toxic relationships and make room for new connections filled with joy, loyalty, and love.

CANCER. The eclipse “hits you” acutely in the career sector, bringing into focus objectives and targets to achieve, most likely inspired by those of the past, with Mercury retrograde. If you cement your self-confidence and put passion into what you do, then you will achieve everything you want, especially if you think and act like a boss. Taurus season manifests in the friendship sector, so you can get close to someone who fulfills and understands you spiritually and energetically.

The Full Moon in Scorpio boosts your sensuality and romance, creating the perfect opportunity for a new love story.

First, fall in love with yourself with a self-confident “spell” performed by the New Moon. Light a white and a black candle, hold a rhodonite (self-esteem stone) nearby, and write down 10 things you like about yourself. Then blow out the white candle. Next, think of a situation when you felt like you were losing confidence and imagine yourself detaching from it, then blow out the black candle as well. Chant the mantra:

April’s Mantra: I learn to love myself so I can love others and thus attract more fulfilling balanced, beautiful, and inspiring relationships.

LEO. You have many exciting prospects in April. The eclipse affects you passionately, especially since it happens in a fire sign like yours. It incites the desire to travel, to study something new, or perhaps to adopt fresh views on life. Because Mercury is in retrograde, plan rather than act.

Something major happens in your professional life on the 20th when you can leave your job for a better one or maybe take a sabbatical to reconnect with nature.

This ritual is also based on these influences to attract more travel: sprinkle a few fresh mint leaves, then inhale the revitalizing smell and imagine that you are in an exotic lands. Take a feather and gently blow on it until it falls above the “foliage”. That’s how you will “land” in a special place. The following mantra will help you:

April’s mantra: I open my soul and mind to new realms so that my steps will take me to special places where I will evolve and develop mentally and spiritually.

VIRGO. What if you trusted that the Universe has your back and that all you have to do is live life to the fullest, knowing that you are following a grand plan? It’s the idea that the eclipse on the 8th instills in you. You gain the courage to aim for a dream, enroll in a training program, or open a business.

Because Mercury is retrograde, it won’t seem simple, but its lesson is that you need to reorganize your priorities to invest your energy skillfully. The 20th, with its Jupiter-Uranus connection, brings what appears to be an auspicious coincidence that transforms an aspect of your life.

Honor this new beginning by “filling” a burlap bag with lavender for peace, sprinkling a few drops of pine essential oil for healing, and adding a moonstone. Create this “bag of new beginnings” as you say your mantra:

April’s Mantra: I believe in the Universe and its creative power, so I relinquish control to enjoy the moment as the divine plan unfolds within and without me.

LIBRA. You “survived” the eclipse in your sign, one more reason to celebrate. In April, the theme is about setting healthy boundaries and conserving good energy. The solar eclipse outlines a good background for balanced relationships where you vibrate on the same background as the other.

The date of April 20th and the connection between Jupiter and Uranus fuels the resource sector, so you can receive good money or tick off a profitable partnership. And the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 23rd accesses this sector of abundance.

To take even more advantage of the money boost, light a green candle, then let it burn next to three different coins while you prepare the bath salts. Add the coins to the water and bathe by candlelight, reciting this mantra:

April Mantra: I embrace prosperity, understanding that money is energy that I will use for good purposes. I happily bathe in the abundance of life.

SCORPIO. After last month’s eclipse reopened still-unhealed wounds, April 8th gives you the courage to live life as an adventure. You no longer focus on the future, but live in the moment, especially since Pluto in Aquarius, your ruling planet, teaches you the same lesson.

In April you are focused on your own needs, on healing your body, mind, and spirit, realizing that the Universe does not need a sacrificial savior, but a “full” individual. The Full Moon in your sign, on the 25th, proves with all the fairy dust that you have transformed into your best version!

Conjure the bliss of authenticity with this ritual: Light a red candle, then meditate on how you will radiate your light energy while holding a crystal such as quartz or red jasper. On a piece of paper, write the following mantra:

April mantra: I live life moment by moment, realizing that the most important moment is the present. I am the best version of myself at this stage in life.

SAGITTARIUS. Sometimes you feel caught between a rock and a hard place: on the one hand, you want to take it easy, to stop smelling the roses, on the other hand, you have so many spectacular plans to unfold. “To blame” for the chaos are Mercury retrograde, the Eclipse in Aries, and the season of this temperamental fire sign. Try to cultivate balance.

The 20th, that of the magical connection between Uranus and Jupiter, gives you a lesson in how to turn your sports or wellness routine from a chore into an integral, enjoyable part of your life. But be careful, and be gentle with yourself, especially since you experienced a real metamorphosis accentuated by the intense emotions during the Full Moon in Scorpio.

Prepare a mental and physical health tea by adding the following herbs to the water on the fire: ginseng, ginger, parsley, saffron, rosemary, and cinnamon, in the desired proportions, saying the name of the ingredient aloud. As the water boils and as you pour the liquid into the cup, stirring continuously, repeat the mantra:

April mantra: Taking care of myself is not an obligation, it’s a pleasure. I am gentle and patient, I am learning to listen to my body and cultivate my spirit.

CAPRICORN. Domestic life is highlighted by the eclipse, which urges you with its revolutionary energies to perpetuate your heart’s desires, not follow society’s expectations. You can move, renovate, or decide to have a baby (both a “human” one, but it’s also possible to take care of a plant or an animal or carry out a creative project).

Taurus season and the 20th, with the alignment of Jupiter and Uranus, can awaken love in your heart or spark a confession of love.

Feeling stuck? Creativity is important now, so this ritual will help: for five days, draw one card from the Tarot deck and then write in a journal what it means to you and your work. Allow yourself to be as imaginative as possible, no one will read what you wrote. On the last day, light a white candle and say:

April mantra: I am creative, I have a rich mind and a fertile imagination. I plant the project idea (here you name it) and let it blossom.

AQUARIUS. In the first part of the month, you are in the “territory” of the eclipse, which opens your throat and heart chakra, showing you how to express your emotions, feelings, and needs. Various techniques will be helpful, such as going to karaoke, and improvisational theater, but also photography writing, or composition, anything that supports you in cultivating yourself.

With Taurus season, you focus on domestic life, clarifying a family drama starting your married life, or welcoming a child.

Accept divine timing as you celebrate your authenticity with a 7-day ritual. Choose 7 candles, each in a color that represents something characteristic, what you love about yourself (red for passion, blue for intellect, etc.). Light them in the evening, visualizing how that trait helps you, then blow out the candle and sleep with it next to your head, in a cup or specific container. Each time, support the “spell” with this mantra:

April Mantra: I am exactly what I need to be and I love myself just the way I am. I allow myself to manifest and lovingly open the channels for its fulfillment.

PISCES. Even though we’re basically out of Pisces season, both Venus and Mars are still in your sign in April, so take advantage. They are joined by the superpowers of the eclipse on the 8th, in the money sector.

What you only imagined in your wildest dreams is coming true, all you have to do is not sabotage yourself by thinking it’s too good to be true. The 20th is full of blessings and will help you be honest and take the side of the downtrodden. You bloom in Taurus season.

During the Full Moon, take a beauty bath to bring out your glow. Add bath salts, 17 drops of an essential oil of your choice, and flower petals (optional) to the tub. Take a rose quartz with you and, while holding it in your hand, repeat:

April Mantra: I shine like a star, allowing myself to be me, perfect and imperfect at the same time. The universe is on my side.

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